Ford Slogans Drive You (Crazy)

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ford slogans drive you crazy
It turns out we got it semi-wrong when we reported that FoMoCo's new tagline is "Ford. Drive One" (pearl two). Wandering around their auto show stand, it's clear The Blue Oval Boyz' marketing mavens are hedging their bets. They're rotating their taglines a la Nissan (Shift BLANK), Pontiac (is BLANK) and Mercedes (BLANK like no other). Three separate LCD's proclaim three separate reasons to drive a Ford product: "Drive Smart," "Drive Green," Drive Safe." (It hardly seems likely that Ford will stop at three taglines, so feel free to suggest further variations on the theme below.) The lack of a single sales message does not bode well for branding, but it certainly should satisfy the divisional mandarins within Ford's Byzantine bureaucracy (our turn!). Meanwhile, a word of warning to prospective Flex buyers: if you want to put adults in the way back, opt for the convex non-sunroof sunroof option. Otherwise, neck compression is a given. Click here to view other taglines
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  • Areitu Areitu on Mar 20, 2008

    DriveShift_LikeNoOther in the Pursuit. Do all these companies go to the same marketing company or something?

  • Nicodemus Nicodemus on Mar 20, 2008


  • Fusion06 Fusion06 on Mar 20, 2008

    red dawg: You couldn't be more off base about Honda honouring warranty work, I have a friend with a honda civic, and I have never seen a company weasel out of doing warranty work quite like the honda people, its always "thats how its designed" uh huh the car is not designed to have crappy door seals, and not being able to hear anything while driving at any decent speed over the wind coming through the crappy seals but honda says its "normal" so it must be normal, and windows that fall down when you close the doors, and a transmission that just won't go into 1st gear in the cold, again honda says its the way its designed. Well if thats the case they have some retarded engineers/design team working for them. Perhaps its just where I bought my car but my Ford dealer has been awesome, never tries to screw me on warranty work by claiming they couldn't find anything, any problems, which have been very few of, are always fixed with no hassles. But honda backs up there products, RIGHT!!!! And please I'd really love to know, if honda makes such a great high quality product why does their 06 civic have like 12 recalls and my 06 Fusion have none?

  • Jaje Jaje on Mar 21, 2008

    Tell that to my coworker who went through 3 transmissions on his 2001 Mercury Cougar all on his dime and dealer treated him like crap - except to get him to trade up to another car - but with $4k in negative equity on his Ford he couldn't afford to - but didn't stop them from urging him to. He did further research to find out that the FWD Cougars ate up auto transmissions like they were going out of style. Also isn't the Ford Focus the most recalled car in history? But sounds like your Mazda6...ooops Fusion is a great car. Just has a nice rebadge on it. Dealers can be pricks and arrogant - Hondas are in demand and your misfortunes are b/c of that dealer rather than the corporation. Just look at the skeletons in Ford or Hondas closet. Ford has quite a lot of fatal fire safety issues regularly for the past 30 years versus Honda. I'd rather trust Honda with my life or have a bedroom over the garage with a Honda cc device rather than any Ford.