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dsg_borg_warner.jpgOn Monday, when we reported on Audi's newly revised turbocharged four-cylinder engines, commenter Joshvar said "Still no DSG?" Well, according to Ward's Auto, now there is. Audi is finally moving ahead with a dual clutch transmission (DCT). Supposedly, they developed the new box completely in-house (BorgWarner makes the current DSG in the A3 and GTI). Ingolstadt's version offers seven (count 'em seven) gears and can handle up to 406 ft.-lbs. or torque. On top of that, it's been specifically engineered for the longitudinal setup of engines throughout Audi's lineup. This writer's guess: as soon as they can make enough of them, there will be a DCT available in every car Audi sells. Meanwhile, Tiptronic my ass. Where the Hell's Porsche's paddle-shifted semi-manual miracle?

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8 Comments on “Audi Dual-Clutch Transmissions Finally Coming...”

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    If it works as good as the current DSG, then this is very good news. I’m greatly hoping for a trickle down effect that leads to every manufacturer offering a dual-clutch transmission.

    The article says this new transmission is going into the new A3, does that mean the TT and Volkswagens are going to get it too, and therefore the BorgWarner DSG will be gone for good?

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    Justin Berkowitz


    That’s totally unclear at this point. In Europe, VW already has a 7-speed DSG on sale in some of its lower power cars.

    The Ward’s article with this news, unfortunately, also refers to the DSG currently available in the Audi A4. I’m curious to learn more about that transmission, since it appears to exist only in Ward’s Auto’s Audi catalog and isn’t on sale here in reality.

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    The DSG is a geat gearbox but if Audi wants a competitive advantage from offering this on all their cars then they’d better hurry or BMW will beat them to it.

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    Justin Berkowitz:
    Meanwhile, Tiptronic my ass. Where the Hell’s Porsche’s paddle-shifted semi-manual miracle?

    Screw both of ’em! Long live the manual transmission!! ;)

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    Hmm…what else should I ask for? :) Honda’s version of a DSG? Along with Direct Injection? That would make the new TSX a contender in this segment. A4 Avant vs TSX Tourer! BRING IT :)

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    BMW already has their 7-Speed Dual Clutch available on the M3’s… well, you can go to the dealership and order it at least. Obviously, this is a high torque application.

    With all the transmission manufacturers and automakers getting into the DSG game, its only a matter of time before that is all there is.

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    I’m with Meocuchad.

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    Let’s see. Porsche buys VW. VW owns Audi. Voila! Porsche has its paddle-shifted semi-manual miracle. And it didn’t have to bust a sweat to get one.

    This being Porsche, “the most profitable car company in the world”, they will even get to charge, what, three or four times what Audi will price its tranny.

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