When Life Gives You LeMons…

Sajeev Mehta
by Sajeev Mehta
when life gives you lemons 8230

It happened innocently enough: an email about 24 Hours of LeMons visiting my favorite stomping ground, Houston's Motorsport Ranch. After securing the blessings of The Powers That Be, TTAC got the green light to play down and dirty. What else would I do with an overabundance (yeah right) of free time and a $75 Lincoln LSC originally bought for parts? Take a page from Cerberus: strip and flip that bitch! Everyone knows the 5.0L powered Lincoln is the Rich Man's Mustang, but only if it sheds luxuries for a curb weight of 3300lbs or less. Hell, the Recaro-esque seats are 75lbs heavier than a Mustang! And just like ye olde 5.0 Pony, its 225hp makes for a strong beater on MSR Houston's straights, with 300lb-ft of torque for quick apex exits and ABS intervention when needed. With the Fox Body's Lego-like parts interchangeability, plenty of local junkyards and a friend with mad welding (i.e. roll cage) skills, this could very well happen. TTAC is ready to do battle. Watch this space!

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  • Stephan Wilkinson Stephan Wilkinson on Feb 18, 2008

    N85523, we have Defender up here in Cornwall, New York. Aeronca warbird.

  • Sajeev Mehta Sajeev Mehta on Feb 19, 2008

    poolboy1637: its an 87 LSC and probably has E7 heads because it has the later model "5.0HO" intake plaque. Mike Solowiow: would love to have ya, but we have have filled up our 6 drivers positions. (I think) I'd love to have TTAC members in the pits, because we'll need people for more than driving. L47_V8: even if C/D comes to the Houston event, I don't fear big FWD yachts. bjcpdx: this LSC is missing its front air springs and the compressor is an unknown quantity. I am very concerned about the cost of replacing these parts ($500 limit) but welding up coil spring perches wouldn't be very expensive. So yes, its true, "My Pappy said 'Son you're gonna drive me to drinkin..."

  • on Feb 19, 2008

    They have Hornet races at the local track. The cars can not have any remaining glass, the doors must be securded shut by chains, and they recommend either a roll cage or steel post with steel plate on either end bolted/welded to the roof and floor pan. Their is also a wheel base restriction, and you must paint the car yellow (hornet division). The track can claim a car at the end of any race for $500, in order to discourage any good cars or too much modification work. I toyed with the idea of buying a junker MR2-an ugly body is part of the draw-for this division, but could never get anybody else interested in helping me with the work and towing it to the track. Neon's and Probes seem to be the car of choice.

  • Hogie roll Hogie roll on Feb 22, 2008

    Can we keep the stereo? I wanna crank 80s pop nonstop.