Volt Birth Watch 29: A Pretty Re-Volting Ad

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

And you thought the Lincoln ads were bad. The video clip is not a fake; it's actually an ad Chevy is running late at night on some cable channels. I could make all kinds of comments here, but I'll leave that to you readers. If anyone could explain to me what it has to do with selling a gas-electric hybrid car, I'd appreciate it.

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  • Rpn453 Rpn453 on Feb 12, 2008

    I'd like to take this moment to thank my PVR for allowing me to watch television without having to see commercials like this!

  • Pch101 Pch101 on Feb 12, 2008
    Who is beating GM?? nobody Good point. I can't think of another automaker that is as successful at losing money as is GM.

  • Carguy1964 Carguy1964 on Feb 12, 2008

    Someone trash talking the Tesla, amazing for such a car company putting it's resources and money and actually comming up with a car that can go over 150 miles and smoke a Vett at the same time, now granted they havent found the right transmission yet, but hey...it's not the size as GM, and if it were , GM and the other 1.8 had better whatch it..the 2.8 combined couln't make or won't make a electric car..C'mon GM, your idea for Hybird is a JOKE! Even Ford/ Toyota has a far better system, if they can make a Escape get 37/32 mpg, why can't you make the Tahoe get 27/ 25 .

  • Redbarchetta Redbarchetta on Feb 13, 2008
    Who is beating GM?? nobody You might be right, but I dunno Chrysler is really Charging forward(pun intended) and might beat them. You were talking about bankruptcy right, nobody is beating them to a swift bankruptcy, and being the automotive loss leader.