New Dacia Sandero Revealed

Martin Schwoerer
by Martin Schwoerer
new dacia sandero revealed

Dacia is one of Renault-Nissan's success stories: a new, almost-global brand specializing in not-quite-ultra-low-cost cars. According to most reviews, the Dacia Logan is a decent drive with a hideous interior. At €5,400.00 (net), the Logan is by far the cheapest more-or-less modern car sold in Europe, Russia and many third-world countries. So, despite being one unattractive son of a Munstermobile, it's a hit. Autocar has scooped the new, more eye-friendly Dacia Sadero. Although its shares mechanicals with the Logan, the Sandero's smaller: a Yaris-size supermini. Autocar reckons the Sandero will be larger and more capable than the smallest Euro-Fords and clock in at £6.5k, undecutting FoMoCo's cars by about a thousand quid. Dacia plans to unveil the Sandero at the Geneva show, three weeks hence. We'll be there and report. [FYI: the UK V.A.T. rate is 17.5 percent, so the Sandero would net at £5,363.00. At current exchange rates that would be $10,450.00, but according to Purchasing Power Parity, which filters out short-term exchange-rate distortions, the Sandero's net-US price could theoretically be around $8,350.00.]

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  • Mirko Reinhardt Mirko Reinhardt on Feb 08, 2008

    @Sammy I’d love to get a beater commuter car over here w/diesel like that. It comes with an optional, modern, common-rail Renault diesel, 51 mpg rating and all. All the engines are standard renault parts-bin stuff. They also have a surprisingly roomy wagon with a usable (as in for actual adults) third row.

  • FromBrazil FromBrazil on Feb 08, 2008

    Martin, These cars have been on sale in brazil for about 3 months! So they're not exactly "new". But here they're badged as Renault. BTW, in what I think is a crazy marketing strategy, they have been placed above the Clio hatch in Brazil in price and market, but its sedan version (the Logan) is supposed to be in a cheaper market segment than the Clio sedan!! Crazy.. Have seen them and test driven them. Interior not much to write home about, exterior is meh (at least to me). It has a HUGE blind spot at the back, after the last column and the hatch. Engines are all Renault here. My take, very so-so. And the market seems to agree. Have NEVER seen one on the street while Fiat Puntos, launched maybe just a month before are everywhere! And the Punto is more expensive! Maybe the market is just confused, like I am, about what segment this car belongs to.

  • Martin Schwoerer Martin Schwoerer on Feb 08, 2008

    FromBrazil, great take on the Sandero in your home market -- interesting observations. Obrigado!

  • Avinash Machado Avinash Machado on Feb 09, 2008

    @ Mirko Reinhardt Dacia is not a new brand… it’s similar to what Skoda became after Volkswagen took control: Before: Obscure eastern european rear-engined socialism on wheels. After: Modern corporate FWD platforms, no-frills transportation for non-badge snobbers. True. But Skoda has moved further upmarket with cars like Octavia and Superb even competing with VW models. Dacia still remains a cheap and cheerful brand.