Ford Lives On the Edge of Sportiness

ford lives on the edge of sportiness

If you build a "sport" version of a CUV does it then become an SCUV? Or is it a CSUV? Whatever you call it, Bloomberg tells us Ford's planning a sport version of the Edge CUV called, strangely enough, the Edge Sport. Just what constitutes a "sport" version is a matter of some debate. (Well it is now.) To pistonheads, a sport model usually implies more power, better brakes and improved handling. To Ford it means standard 20-inch wheels (optional double dubs) wearing low-profile, 40-series Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires. And an "eight-piece Edge Sport body kit… integrated fog lamps and a lower grille insert… sport badging, polished dual exhaust tips, 'foundry gray' smoked headlamp and taillamp lenses… dark gray leather seats [that] feature unique suede-feel patterned inserts in a combination of light and dark gray." Oh, and "an appealing etched metal effect on the instrument panel center console." After the Blue Oval Boyz introduce the Edge Sport at the Chicago auto show, the not-so-mean machine will go on sale later this year as a 2009 model, aimed at buyers who want their factory rides pre-pimped. Or it that semi-pimped? Semi-pre-pimped? Half caf semi-pre-pimped? Are we there yet?

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  • on Feb 05, 2008

    Kinda' like Toyota's CorollaS. Maybe Ford should take a lesson from Mazda instead where the "S" sport editions actually offer sportier versions of the base model with a mix and match approach to the exterior appearance. (My Mazda6s looks plainer than most Mazda6 cars on the road, no exterior plastochrome and a rear lip spoiler instead of spoiler that doubles as a car handle for some giant toddler). And, then you would have the Ford SVT version that would (or should) be equivalent to the Mazdaspeed version.

  • Flipper Flipper on Feb 05, 2008

    This is nothing that Honda hasn't done with element SC or the even Saturn did with the Vue redline. I like when a SUV isn't pretending it spends every weekend rock crawling.So a more urban-style packaged suv makes more sense than all that outback tough swagger.

  • Yankinwaoz Yankinwaoz on Feb 06, 2008

    I've always thought that a car with "Sport" in its name means: (1) 2 doors instead of 4 (2) A roof rack for your toys (3) More bling (4) Optionally, and rare, a slightly better drive train. I think the old school "sport" meant more power and better drive train and braking components. So it appears that somewhere along the line the "Sport" adjective went from describing the inside to the outside of the car.

  • on Feb 06, 2008
    Flipper : February 6th, 2008 at 12:30 am This is nothing that Honda hasn’t done with element SC or the even Saturn did with the Vue redline. The Vue Redline had a more powerful engine in addition to the exterior styling changes. I'm not dure about suspension changes, but I believe it sat a couple of inches closer to the ground.