Win a No-Expenses Paid Trip to Africa to Drive a VW R32!

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Hey, the entry form for iAfrica's competition for VW track instruction at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit doesn't say anything about residency requirements. If you scoop their prize (chosen entirely at random of course), you'll attend the VW Driving Academy to gain "practical experience and confidence in dealing with potential dangers — from avoiding collisions to the optimal way to respond in a hijack situation." (Hint: aim you Glock at their chest, not their head.) After spending the morning hooning about on the skidpan and an executive lunch ("I eat executives for lunch"), you will "move onto the racetrack for some driving sessions around the circuit, brake distance recognition and an ESP exercise" (I'm thinking of a number). While I wait for the caffeine to wear-off, an insider's tip: don't send them the R32 engine's output in 'Merican-style horsepower stats. Think Reddy Kilowatt.

[Complete list of RSA's VW driving courses here]

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • NBK-Boston NBK-Boston on Jan 25, 2008
    Engineer: I’ve even come accross the non-sensical term “kW/hr”! I'd say that the measure "kW/hr" is not a non-sensical term, but I'd be willing to concede that in the rare instances it is used, it is likely misused by an ill-informed writer. A proper use of such a unit would be in the following context: "The turbine's output increased from 1000 kW at the end of the first hour to 2000 kW at the end of the second hour, as the boiler finally warmed up. If things keep up in this manner, it will be putting out 3000 kW by the end of the third hour. Its rate of increase is 1000 kW/hr."
  • Mrogii Mrogii on Jan 25, 2008

    Engineer: The problem is that if the hijacker leans against the business end of the Glock (or if you push him with it) it won’t fire. The fact is that any semi automatic pistol that uses a browning short recoil action (pretty much any one you'll come across) will not fire if the barrel is pushed back enough. The barrel is actually "locked" to the slide and moves back slightly (with the recoil, hence the name)when fired. So yes, the gun has to be properly in battery or it won't work, but that applies to all guns of that type. That being said, I would NOT want to attempt to stop someone from shooting me by leaning on or pushing on the muzzle of the gun. Disclaimer: DO NOT TRY THIS. If you try to see if this works and you end up shooting yourself you're an idiot, and I take no responsiblity. And I prefer the SIG; much smoother.

  • Captain Neek Captain Neek on Jan 28, 2008

    In South Africa, we prefer to shoot the hijackers through the door of the vehicle, thereby avoiding the aforementioned problem. Seriously though, give the bastard the car; that's why we have insurance and most cars have "tracker" fitted anyway... Finally, in Jhb the bastards will, with absolute impunity, shoot you for your vehicle, as the chances of being apprenhended subsequently are miniscule.

  • Engineer Engineer on Jan 28, 2008

    NBK, You are right. In most cases, though, the term "kW/hr" is used the wrong way, as you acknowledged. Again, not too surprising coming from a piston head. But coming from an EPA big shot? Very disturbing!