TTAC Does Detroit (NAIAS)

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ttac does detroit naias

Nie-ass? Nay-ass? If you're going to change the name of a world famous American auto show– and why would you?– why would you settle on an acronym that sounds vaguely Scandinavian? What's more, NAIAS is another example of America's willingness to claim international importance for a national event (e.g. the World Series). I mean, does the North American International Auto Show have a heavy Canadian or Mexican presence– aside from all the cars and trucks and minivans and engines and transmissions and stuff built to service America's "domestic" car companies? Anyway, the 2008 NAIAS industry conclave marks the first time The Truth About Cars is attending. Sajeev Mehta and William C. Montgomery– our Texas dream team– will be blogging throughout the day. They'll provide the sort of no-holds-barred reportage you've come to expect from this website. Frank Williams and I will be coordinating their coverage from comfort of our garrets. If you could email your pistonhead pals and tell them to click on us for the web's best NAIAS coverage, I'd be most appreciative. Meanwhile, rest assured we'll do our best to stick it to the Man, TTAC style. That's Tea-Tack, in case you were wondering…

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