Tesla Birth Watch 27: Daryl Siry's Bad Karma

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

"The two big questions in my opinion is [are?] whether they have or can get the technology, especially in the battery arena, to pull this off… The second thing that seems questionable is that they will be able to manufacture a car in the volumes that they are talking about." No, that's not TTAC talking about Tesla or Volt. That's Tesla's Daryl Siry trash talking Henrik Fisker's Karma electric car, unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. In what sounds like a classic case of "if you can't beat 'em, beat 'em up" he gives Fiskar a right royal pasting in his Horseless Age blog. Speaking from experience, Siry points out "Designing and integrating the battery pack alone is going to be a very big undertaking." Then he takes Fisker to task for "already quoting a price and taking reservations on a car that isn't even in drivable prototype phase" (a la Tesla). After pointing out that Jalopnik's wrong, wrong, wrong about the demise of their WhiteStar project, Siry admits he's learned that "there is a long road between here and there." We suggest Siry contemplate the even larger space between his company's hype and on-the-ground reality.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • ZoomZoom ZoomZoom on Jan 21, 2008

    I am gravely disappointed that Siry hasn't been forthcoming in public or here. As for announcements, I think Siry should probably acquaint himself with the laws and regulations regarding Fair Disclosure to the investing public. I don't think one can (legally) announce "only" to customers before to the press without breaking the rules (and maybe the law). Look up Sarbanes-Oxley for more on this. But beyond that, to me, the rejection of TTAC's review accompanied by the "slam" against TTAC's supposed lack of objectivity raises a stink worse than last week's fish. It makes me MORE suspicious of the product's viability and readiness, not less. And that is why I am very disappointed.

  • Siry Siry on Jan 21, 2008

    ZoomZoom - Reg FD and SOX is for public companies. We are private. We don't have public disclosure requirements.

  • Samir Syed Samir Syed on Jan 21, 2008

    What will drop first, a Tesla Roadster or a Wagoner deadlines for GM profitability?

  • ZoomZoom ZoomZoom on Jan 22, 2008
    siry wrote: ZoomZoom - Reg FD and SOX is for public companies. We are private. We don’t have public disclosure requirements. I stand corrected then. But if you really want to play with the "big boys," why not use the same rulebook? Note: I did NOT say use the same playbook.