Snow + Prius = Trouble?

snow prius trouble

Is it dangerous to drive a Prius in the snow? ConsumerAffairs thinks so, based on reports they've gathered from several states. It seems that the traction control system in some of the gas-electric hybrids shuts down the power to the drive wheels when they start slipping, a complaint that's been around since last year. Back then Toyota admitted the traction control system could impact performance but isn't a safety problem. Spokesman Bill Kwon stated that a "fairly steep grade [eight to 10 degrees] and … snow would cause a loss of traction which will activate the traction control system and therefore reduce or cut power." Reducing power is one thing, but cutting it out altogether? "In my opinion, it's better to have the vehicle stop then to have the wheels spinning and out of control." That would be fine if the vehicle did stop, but on a snow-covered incline slippery enough to activate the traction control, a powerless car isn't going to stop. For our Prius-owning readers living in snow country, have you experienced this, or has your traction control been behaving itself?

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