Plug-in Wars: Toyota Takes the Gloves Off

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
plug in wars toyota takes the gloves off

If you got it, flaunt it. Or, in the case of Toyota, rub GM's nose in it. While Rick Wagoner and his minions have been talking about their sooner-or-later plug-in electric hybrid vehicle (aka "Volt") at the Detroit Auto Show, Toyota is putting their money where Rick's mouth is. They're providing several honest-to-God here-they-are-right-now Prius plug-ins for "executive shuttle service" during the show (you can guess which company's executives won't be shuttling in them). The cars are "are early-development prototypes" used for "evaluation of real-world customer use and acceptance, ride-and-drives by regulatory officials and NGOs, and technical research and development." Oh, and also for firing a preemptive shot across GM's bow.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • KixStart KixStart on Jan 14, 2008

    Mikey, all those questions have been asked and answered many times. Toyota offers cash for the return of Prius batteries; they get recycled. Can't say what GM will do, if they ever do face this question.

  • Robert Schwartz Robert Schwartz on Jan 14, 2008

    Mikey: I would defer my worrying until such time, if ever, as there actually is one of these mythical beasts for sale on a dealers showroom floor.

  • Mikey Mikey on Jan 14, 2008

    Robert Schwartz nails it, nobody not G.M.not Toyota,not some upstart nobody has brought one to the real market yet. Ford to thier credit is not even making wild predictions. When the great moment comes when 20,000 plug ins in 3 time zones all plug in at the same time.Then and only then we might be able to know the real answers to many questions.

  • D.Smithee D.Smithee on Jan 14, 2008

    Hate to say this, but GM's playing extreme catch up with their hybrid programs.