One Year at Chrysler = $100k Buyout

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

As part of Chrysler's "all hands off deck" plan to trim production, the domestic automaker is offering ALL United Auto Workers employees at its Metro Detroit plants buyouts and early retirement packages. The goal: to eliminate 8500 to 10k hourly jobs. Although the Detroit News is quick to point out that most UAW members have been with Chrysler longer than a year, the $100k offer is open to any union member who's put in their 365 days. Well, less, counting holidays and possible sick days, etc. Like Ford, Chrysler has expanded its buyout program to just about everyone with a union card, save workers at Chrysler's Newark (Delaware) Assembly plant– and it's only a matter of time before the sayonara swag heads in their direction. Will the last high paid union worker switch off the lights? Of course not. [thanks to starlightmica for the link]

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Hltguy Hltguy on Jan 28, 2008

    True story: Last week I took my Dodge truck to the dealer for its first 'free" oil change. While waiting for the service to be done I meandered around the sales lot. Came across a Ram truck that add the "Ram" insignia mounted on the side of the truck crooked. A salesperson wandered up to me and I pointed that out. She said "we see it all the time" We get vehicles in front the factory with one name on one side and another on the other side. She added: we get papers with vehicles specifying it has certain options and the same vehicle (same VIN) on the facotry sticker will list entirely different features, engine type etc. I told her I hope the brake installers at the factory are better than the insignia and document crew. For this, the union people are getting $100K buyouts? Or I guess I should because of the above, they are getting buyouts.

  • Robert Schwartz Robert Schwartz on Jan 28, 2008

    That is a lot of jack. Take the money and run.

  • Tsgtsfitz Tsgtsfitz on Jan 28, 2008

    I have buddies that are being forced out of the Air Force due to the draw down. Most have 8 to 13 years in and have been deployed multiple times. The lucky ones may see 80 or 90k after taxes. Most of them aren't lucky (meaning they go home with nothing). 100k for a year of building cars and not being shot at, must be nice.

  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Jan 28, 2008

    tsgtfitz, You mean the government is pulling that one again? It's criminal! People serving our country get royally screwed if they don't manage to last the full 20 years. Glad I got out after one tour.