Chrysler and Mercedes Unveil DriveConnected

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

Information Week reports Hughes Telematics has developed an internet-connected in-car information system that allows owners to lock or unlock doors, run remote vehicle diagnostics. send music from PC to car and locate their mobile Playstation to within an eighth of an inch [our guess]– all from the comfort of their home computer! The HAL9000 DriveConnected system is scheduled to debut in selected 2010 Chrysler and Mercedes models. Initially, DriveDistracted will use the cell phone network to work its wizardry. By 2012, Hughes plans to deliver broadband connectivity via satellite. Users will set up the system through a web site. Voice controls will run the show in the vehicle, with voice responses providing information. One of the system's big selling points: "teen tracking." Yes, primary caregivers at cocktail parties will be able to use their iPhone to pinpoint the car's location at any given time (at least until their computer savvy teens figure out how to feed HAL false data). To avoid privacy issues, an in-dash indicator will signal when the vehicle's being tracked. Needless to say, DriveConnected will also provide OnStar-like safety and security services. Just make sure it can't see your lips move.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Virtual Insanity Virtual Insanity on Jan 08, 2008

    If you get into an accident, will it sing "Daisy"?

  • Robert Farago Robert Farago on Jan 08, 2008

    Kevin :

    Look, just because you THINK of a catchy headline doesn’t mean you should actually USE it.

    1996MEdition :

    Good point, just as with the “Wild Ass Rumor” columns. Are we seeing some journalistic sensationalism?

    Normally, I remove comments on TTAC's editorial stance or style from the comments section and ask the poster to discuss any and all issues with me off-line via email. In this case, upon further consideration, I’ve decided that you both have a point. The headline for this post unfairly suggested that SYNC would sink in the face of this Chrysler/Daimler's new system.

    I’ve removed the words “Sayonara SYNC” from the headline, and taken “Stick a fork Ford’s SNYC. It’s done.” from the lead.

    As for WAR (Wild Ass Rumor), I reserve the right to publish information which is important, but cannot be easily confirmed.

  • Raast Raast on Jan 08, 2008

    This immediately conjures up the vision (for any Lexx fans out there) of you, the driver, dealing with "790".

  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Jan 08, 2008

    RF, You are a shining example of integrity. Integrity means more than just being honest, but you know that. Too bad there are so few of us left who do.