Daily Podcast: Brock Yates Breaks the Site

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
daily podcast brock yates breaks the site

I should have given the back office boys a week's notice that I was posting Mr. Yates' work on TTAC. But I am acutely aware of this medium's forté: immediacy. The idea of holding onto a blog post, car review or editorial for longer than 24 hours runs counter to the nature of the beast. In fact, minutes after I have a piece locked and loaded, my trigger finger gets itchy. After getting the copy on Sunday, I decided to soft launch Brock's piece on Monday, and then announce it to the world (via a press release) on Tuesday. Monday went fine. At about 2:30pm today, the pistonhead population woke-up to Brock's return. The resulting traffic over-whelmed our servers. Reto and the Boffins rushed to their e-first aid kit and found some band-aids. We're now back up, ready to rock and roll. As for Brock's next piece, we discussed a column on Carlos Ghosn's prediction that one of The Big 2.8 is about to go bust. Obviously, I agree with the Brazilian. Mr. Yates thinks Carlos is "a clown." If that's where Brock wants to go, that's fine with me. There is no party line here at TTAC. Not for Brock Yates or any of TTAC's current or future writers or commentators, who built the foundation for the Yatesian meltdown. And for that, to all of you, thanks.

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  • Dean Dean on Jan 29, 2008

    Disclaimer: haven't yet listened to the podcast... listening as I type. No doubt having a "name-brand" like Yates contributing to the site will help to drive traffic to TTAC, which is a great thing, and will hopefully get RF one small step closer to some reward for all his hard work. I don't know how you are going to monitor the comments section if traffic there increases commensurately. One look at the comments section at YouTube and you can see everything that is wrong with unmonitored comments. If TTAC goes that way it will ultimately suffer.

  • EricS EricS on Jan 30, 2008

    Now you just need to sign up John Phillips and I can cancel my C&D subscription.

  • I6 I6 on Jan 30, 2008

    dean; With increased power comes increased emissions, the two are inextricably linked. The silver lining around this pending cloud of acrid pollution is TTAC's NZET policy (Near Zero Emissions Tolerance) that filters out those nefarious elements (like flameridium and trolleride) that spout from the otherwise knowledgeable and passionate contributions from readers. But even if the efficacy of the emissions control system is reduced as flow rate increases, we, the automotive enthusiast community, will always be better served by a source of open-access, open-minded reporting with clout than by any old school media that allow their advertisers to [s]pollute[/s] filter their output. So, I for one am glad to see that the new guy can deliver on his (unspoken?) promise.

  • Rali Rali on Jan 31, 2008

    The head boffin (and chief bottle washer) thanks you for your kind words. Today's maintenance window moved the TTAC site to new hardware that is a +significant+ upgrade from the previous machines. I'm looking forward to the next article from Mr. Yates!