BMW Hybrid Due Any Year Now

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

At BMW's Detroit Auto Show PR bragfest and new vehicle unveiling, the truth was spinning as fast as the propeller that inspired the corporate roundel. In spite of their perpetual payments for EPA fines, BMW wants you to know all the good things they're doing for the environment. Did you know they've led the way in CO2 reduction in the U.S.? At least that's what all their signs said (just in case you missed them actually saying it). But let's face it– if BMW hadn't had such high emissions to start with, they couldn't have dropped them that much. The German automaker also didn't bother to address what impact the quart of oil their V-10 engines consume between oil changes has on the environment. But they did say their first hybrid, due in 2009, will use 20 percent less fuel than "other cars." Somehow I don't think Toyota or Honda will be losing any sleep over any of this.

[Reported by Sajeev Mehta]

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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