And You Thought That Laptop Fire Sucked…

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Fair disclosure: we stole that headline from Engadget. And boy, are we late to this story. reveals that the conflagration of a single "neighborhood electric vehicle" in Key West– albeit one that immolated model Veronica Webb's dog Hercules and destroyed her house– and it's pig pile on the EV, media-wise. Everyone from the New York Post's Page Six ("Hell-Car burns model's home") to El Rushbo (GM stooge that he is) have covered the story. And the majority are spinning the GEM's fiery end as reflective of inherent danger and/or a possible trend. The reverse spinmeister for the vehicle's maker, Chrysler's GEMCar, claimed that the fire was an isolated incident– as far as they know. "We have gone through our files looking for any other reports of fires relating either to use or charging of GEMs, and haven't found anything," Max Gates revealed. "We don't have anything in our records to indicate there's ever been a previous incident like this." Can you imagine the coverage if a Tesla Roadster or Chevy Volt ever appeared suffered a similar fate? [thanks to starlightmica for the tip]

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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