Tesla Birth Watch 9: Hip-Hop Hype Harbinger of Hidden Hopes

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz

If you have a brain, pulse, and/or soul, you probably missed "VH1's Fabulous Life Presents: Insane Celebrity Superspenders," which aired last night (12/10). "Celebrities are really loving the Tesla roadster," one of their hip-hack commentators said. A craptacular VH1 original show setting sail onto the sea of exaggerations? No surprise there. But it's a testament to Tesla's marketing that they effectively convinced the world that they've already launched an all-electric sports car. In fact all they've done so far is give a few celebs a ride around the block (as passengers, of course), take deposits, start construction of a showroom in LA, and put out reams of press releases. Nice job, Tesla. Bad job, VH1.

Justin Berkowitz
Justin Berkowitz

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  • Blautens Blautens on Dec 11, 2007

    I think it's very appropriate to mention a car you can't buy on a music channel that doesn't really play music videos.

  • Psknapp Psknapp on Dec 11, 2007

    I've read that they've been allowing real people behind the wheel of this almost real car (a validation prototype). Flea (of Chili Pepper fame) was one of them. I agree that the hype is premature, especially since not one has been delivered. And the continued delays are certainly worrisome, as is the ousting of Eberhard, but I hope they succeed. If nothing else, working in Scottsdale may allow me to see one driving around. And my impression of 'A Shot at Love' puts it right at the same level as 'Flavor of Love.' Which means slightly less painful or dangerous than getting actually shot.

  • T-truck T-truck on Dec 11, 2007

    Where is the birth watch for www.phoenixmotorcars.com While not as sexy as the Tesla roadster, this seems to be very practical vehicle that could replace the some of the ever thirsty pickups and SUV's. Seats five, 95mph max speed, 100+miles range and a the option for a 10 min charger. Supposedly limited released for as a fleet vehicle is planned next year, with consumer vehicle to follow. As far as I can tell it is based on a body of an existing Korean truck/SUV www.ssangyong.co.nz/actyonsports.html

  • Andy D Andy D on Dec 11, 2007

    Is this the Tucker all over again?