I Am The UAW, Goo Goo G' Joob

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
i am the uaw goo goo g joob

If giving away the farm at this year's contract negotiations wasn't enough to convince you the UAW is getting soft in its old age, the Detroit News reports they're beginning a TV campaign to show their warm and fuzzy side. The ads direct viewers to IamtheUAW.org where they can view and share stories about the wonderful things the UAW has done for them (like agree to salary cuts), how secure their future is (with increased health care costs) and how the UAW is going to rid us of toxic toys. But instead of focusing on labor issues, the ads will highlight the charitable causes and community activities the UAW supports. UAW leaders say the ads "aren't intended to recruit more members but rather to raise awareness of the activities and positions of the union." Uh huh. So, why are they only airing the ads in Detroit, where they have to convince screwed-over autoworkers they're still the good guys, and Indianapolis, Indiana, Jackson, Mississippi, Louisville, Kentucky, and Nashville, Tennessee – market areas which include cities where the transplants have large assembly plants the UAW wants to organize?

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  • Quasimondo Quasimondo on Dec 18, 2007

    Kinda makes me chuckle when you say it in a Judge Dredd kind of way.

  • Jolo Jolo on Dec 18, 2007

    They are in repair mode right now. Their rep is in the sh!tcan with their own people, let alone anyone who they would want to recruit. They need to convince all their strongholds that they are still the best bet in town. Then they will be able to start trying to get others to join. If they cannot convince their tried and true supporters (and now their new dissidents), they won't be able to build their ranks back up. I hear that their auto membership is under 50%. Is that true?