Daily Podcast: RF Drops the F-Bomb

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Judging from the comments on this site, the average TTAC reader is closer in age to a Buick buyer than a Sciontologist. Then again, you never know. I would have given my right testicle to find a site like this as a boy– you know, if it had dropped by then. In deference to the possibility of juvenile readers, I tend to keep the language in the posts and comments G-rated. Or at least asterisked. God knows why. Three of my four daughters– aged ten through 14– are fully conversant with every one of George Carlin's seven words you can't say on TV. I reckon it's a matter of days before my four-year-old learns that "stupid" isn't on the comedian's list. Just last week, I overheard one of these fine little ladies tell a notoriously aggressive classmate to f-off. Did I upbraid her? Yeah right. Truth be told, I'm a big fan of swearing. Although I don't swear in front of the kids, I'm not averse to a little plain speaking in unmixed company. In fact, I've toyed with the idea of using swear words on TTAC as a way to differentiate us from our more mainstream competitors. But the last time I deployed obscenity on this site in the name of art, the shit hit the fan. I received a barrage of emails suggesting that my salacious sailor-speak destroyed TTAC's credibility. Fair enough. So I want you to know that the F-bomb in the attached podcast was entirely inadvertent, although, I thought, editorially appropriate. You be the judge.

[Warning: the attached podcast contains intemperate language, including the "F-word"]

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Speedbrakes Speedbrakes on Dec 30, 2007

    Ten years spent in a Ready Room and I forgot how to have a "mature" conversation and not swear. Going back to the civilian world is gonna be tough..........

  • BlueBrat BlueBrat on Dec 30, 2007

    Oh crap, you guys are on to my universal password for websites I don't care about... Yes, in the tri-state area, the f-bomb isn't a bomb at all but just another word. No one gives a f--ck about it. Honestly, you can buy a shirt in Times Square, proudly displayed in the windows, that reads: "F--k you you f--king f--k f--k f--king f--k".

  • Confused1096 Confused1096 on Dec 31, 2007

    Considering how many of us do our own car repairs, I don't think you're gonna offend too many people. Very few things get sworn at quite as much as an engine that won't crank or a bolt that won't break loose.

  • GS650G GS650G on Dec 31, 2007

    The British seem to tolerate the F-bomb on TV after 9 PM, something that takes a bit of getting used to when visiting. There is a cooking show that changes over to F-TV after 9 PM. In everyday conversation I found the Brits use the F-word quite regularly, perhaps RF's time in the UK has had an effect. No other word is quite as versatile nor as reviled as kcuf. It's origin is Germanic but it has also been suggested it stood For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. It's use predates colonial times so we can't blame TV or the 60's. Once you've heard your Grandfather drop it after striking a thumb with a hammer your innocence is lost. At work we have people who use it every third word and don't even realize it, and not just the male offenders. RF was obviously at ease in that podcast and being relaxed makes the casual language flow easier. JB was a bit taken back it seems because he is probably more conscious of the tape recorder running than RF because it's RF's tape recorder. JFK was all that and more to Jackie, had he not been assasinated sooner or later scandels would have caught up to him. Marilyn Monroe comes to mind right now.