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big-diesel-god.jpgCurious about the Chinese pickup truck market? China Car Times gives a rundown of what they consider the best-looking pickups offered to the people of the PRC. Their favorite is the Big Diesel God, with styling copped from Chevy and power by Mitusbishi or Toyota. They're also fond of the Great Wall Wingle, which looks more cute-ute than pickup. The Photon SaPu and Zhongxing Grand Tiger round out their round-up. From the looks of it, if the Chinese ever want to launch an attack on the small truck market in the U.S., they already have some pretty good ammo in their arsenal – not to mention some of the coolest model names for trucks since the Chevy LUV (Light Utility Vehicle).

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7 Comments on “Chinese Pickups Truckin’ Right Along...”

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    Looks like there’s a bit of an identity crisis here. I think that name would be more appropriate for a F-450 Lariat.

    I’ve often thought that car names on the US market lack identity. What, pray tell, is a Tercel? A Forenza? An Astra? A Camry? Perhaps some of the names are made-up and other actually have some obscure meaning found in the depths of the OED, but do they really have any meaning to the average American consumer? Now, Big Diesel God is to the point. I also think that Ford could ditch the Expedition (or old Excursion) moniker for Walrus. The H-bar grill kind of looks like tusks and the rest of the vehicle has pinniped-like proportions. Tell it like it is.

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    I’m going back on my vitriol against Chinese cars. I may not consider a Chinese car, but I would consider a Chinese or even Indian compact pickup, if it were RWD and ~$10000 new with a 10-year b-t-b warranty.

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    i’m a pretty tall guy, but i’ll be damned if i’m going to lift anything heavy over the sides of what passes for new pickup trucks. there’s no good reason to have the top of the box as high as it is. if the chinese make a real truck and not a lifestyle accessory, AND name it Big Diesel God, i’ll buy it.

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    So the name of the pickup in picture is Big Diesel God? That’s too much…

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    I swear it look just like a chevy….

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    Tercel is an archaic spelling of tiercel, a kind of falcon, Forenza sounds both like an Italian place and girl’s name (either of which work for cars), Astra means stars, and Camry is the English transliteration of a Japanese word for crown. Just ‘cuz you asked =].

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    Let’s not forget the Nova and it’s implications

    The chinese have had fake Audi cars for years, in fact you can get a brand new 86 jeep cherokee over there.

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