UK Motorsport Industry Hangs Out the Greenwashing

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

You might thing the words "holistic" and "motorsports" go together like "Segway" and "Nürburgring," but Motorsport Development UK (MDUK) claims their industry is "approaching energy efficiency and emission reduction in an holistic way." According to their self-financed study, "the UK motorsport industry is a major innovator of environmentally friendly technology, exploring all facets of fuel and performance efficiency (aerodynamics, transmission systems, lower emission fuels, super-lightweight materials, etc), rather than simply concentrating on biofuel take-up. The developing technologies will be of use not only on the race track but will help increase energy efficiency in other sectors, particularly the automotive, aerospace and transport industries." The Earth Times is happy to reprint the press release, but I'm a little confused. Does this mean that going Hell for leather in cars without emission controls that get single digit mpgs, watched by hundreds of thousands of people who accessed the race venue by car, is good for the environment? Let the wild rumpus start! Or will the EU send the wild things off to bed without their supper? Watch this space.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Dean Dean on Nov 29, 2007

    A Formula E series for electric vehicles would spur some innovation. Run it as a junior series alongside F1 and run the race as a warm up event.