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silver_bullet_800.jpgAccording to a study by Monash University Accident Research Centre, silver vehicles are 10 percent more likely to crash than their white counterparts. While black vehicles are even more hazardous to one’s vehicular health– accident rates are 12 percent higher than white cars'– the Aussie researchers are particularly keen to diss silver. One-third of new vehicles sold Down Under sport this hazardous hue. Dr. Stuart Newstead attributes the bent silver fenders to the color’s low contrast, particularly in fading light and cloudy conditions. Newstead recommends using headlights or daytime running lights to improve visibility. Better still, buy a white car. Representatives from the Oakland Raiders and BMW designer Chris “Axles of White Power” Bangle were unavailable for comment.

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6 Comments on “Hue Knew? Aussies’ Black Cars Most Likely to Crash...”

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    Or maybe it’s simply that the colour of the car says something about the person who is behind the wheel.

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    I think the color of the car causes a psychological reaction in surrounding drivers. Whenever I see a black Australian made car, I want to hit it.

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    Whenever I see a black Australian made car, I want to hit it.

    Yeah, you really have to hate those black Australian made cars

    Still I was going to make the point Nemphre makes. Maybe in some years time it will be different again, if white remains the new silver like it was last year, and other people than just the careful “I don’t want to spend money on a nice color for my car” crowd goes and buys white cars.

    Nice reference to the “axles of white power” too by the way.

    Although, all this attention to Axles of white power, Quandt family…Is someone trying to undermine BMW’s image?

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    I’ve noticed that most cars down here are white. Black cars are rare. Of course, owning a black car in summer can be a toasty experience.

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    Press release from Jesse Jackson:

    “This proves that Australians are racists and should pay reparations to all black car owners.”

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    That Mustang is hideous.

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