Daily Podcast: Don't Chrysler for Me Argentina

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
daily podcast don t chrysler for me argentina

The truth is I never hurt you. Or at least that's U.S. Representative Candice Miller's take on Chrysler's back-in-black Thursday. Here's the full text of the Michigan Republican's statement on the issue. (Justin and mine below.) Look for more of this in the days to come. “It is a shame that Chrysler has decided to cancel the second shift at their Sterling Heights Assembly Plant. I had a chance to visit the plant recently and was impressed by the enthusiastic and innovative approach to manufacturing that the workers at that plant have exhibited. Simply put, these workers are second to none. I fully understand the challenges our manufacturers, particularly the automakers, have in adjusting to the global marketplace. Just yesterday in Washington, I voted for an expansion of job retraining for workers displaced by global competition so that outstanding workers such as those at Sterling Assembly can find greater opportunities in the future. Times are tough and my heart goes out to the families of the workers.”

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  • Melllvar Melllvar on Nov 02, 2007

    I will miss the idea of the Magnum at least. I'd like to see a hemi Wrangler as well. Might as well have fun if you're going to get crappy mileage. No overlap/badge engineering: Chrysler: 300, T&C Dodge: Ram, Challenger, Viper Jeep: Wrangler (2 door, 4 door, pickup) I'd put the Grand Cherokee on there but I just saw it on the Biggest Bargains article. Of course I have no idea how they'd meet CAFE with this.

  • Jthorner Jthorner on Nov 03, 2007

    Mazda 6 wagon Subaru Legacy wagon Both canceled for 2008. However, the VW Passat wagon is still in the market as are the slow selling Saab wagons.

  • Beetlebug Beetlebug on Nov 03, 2007

    I think you might want to ad that the WRX wagon is gone now too. Although the new hatch is pretty similar.

  • Champagne_dwayne Champagne_dwayne on Nov 04, 2007

    Intriguing. This move is seen as a step in the strip and flip direction? Seems like the right move period, and we can theorize about the whys all we want. Long or short term investment strategy, too much capacity is bad. I hope it is just a part of the recovery. I would expect it is. Chrysler has been castigated for their lineup, and now that they seem to be taking measures to turn the show around I struggle to see how it is a bad thing. Yeah they should never have gotten here but they are here. They won't be able to take the money and run with the current lineup. So if they downsize, rebuild and sell, then I guess it is arguably a strip and flip no matter how long they hold em. I see the removal of the third shifts at the respective plants as prudent based on volume (belvidere 3rd shift as we know are temps). The models which were cut (barring the magnum) were no surprise.