Chester's Cycling Bobbies Return to Global Warming Devices

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Thanks to its penchant for regulating (and taxing) every human activity save respiration, the UK is often called "The Nanny State." While The Daily Mail is the newspaper of record when it comes to overly invasive legislation, the Chester & District Standard brings us news that a cycling police officer's accidental death has led Cheshire Police to ban officers from riding bicycles on "health and safety grounds." Instead, "the police and community support officers are using cars and even public transport." Even? Nice. And I'd like to see evidence of that claim. Anyway, the chairman of the Alderley Edge parish council is outraged. "Because one person has been knocked off and killed they withdrew them and they all have to go on cycling proficiency tests which is totally unbelievable. Health and safety is going absolutely mental in this country. When officers crash police cars do all other drivers have revised intensive tests?" No, but this is not the first time UK police imposed a cycling ban on their officers. In September, Greater Manchester Police put their officers' mountain bikes in storage after bicycling PCSO Christopher Maclure was hit killed by a lorry.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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