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Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

I remember the afternoon Nancy Reagan sashayed into CNN for an in-studio interview. I was tethered to camera two, panning its unblinking eye left and right six inches– as I had done for eight hours a day for the previous year-and-a-half. To say I was numb with boredom and seething with resentment is like suggesting that Osama Bin Laden would be persona non grata at a U.S. Marines' barracks. Of course, this was a kindler gentler time, when the CIA was busy training Osama and his cronies to terrorise the Russians in Afghanistan. Anyway, Nance was deeply involved in her "Just Say No" anti-drugs campaign. Her interviewers: Don Farmer and Chris Curl (whose long-suffering though minion-squashing producer Katie Couric dreamed of better days). At some point, Don asked The First Lady "So how did your children avoid taking drugs?" I nearly snorked. The previous winter, I'd had the good fortune to ski with Ron Jr. in Aspen Colorado. On the lift up Ajax, Ron and I had partaken of a particularly fine bud of Maui Wowee nestled in the bowl of my erotically shaped meerschaum pipe. I don't remember what Nancy said, or how in the world I kept my mouth shut (a skill that remains undeveloped some twenty-plus years later), but I do remember thinking that truth is the first casualty of minimum wage Hell. (Or something like that.) As TTAC heads towards adding video, you can rest assured that we will continue to pull no punches– and leave those buds unsmoked.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Frank Williams Frank Williams on Oct 13, 2007

    The best driving on two wheels scene was in "License to Kill" where James Bond drove a semi with trailer on two wheels while evading a missile fired at him.

  • Kazoomaloo Kazoomaloo on Oct 14, 2007

    Oh man, Justin, when you said all that stuff about the X-type being so great I almost fell right out of my chair. Your facetiousness was impossible to detect and I woulda done a spit-take had I been drinking anything. Good news on that, I'll have to look into it. Also the XF is rockin' the sexy, I dig this new Jaguar vibe.

  • GS650G GS650G on Oct 15, 2007

    The only thing Ron jr. had in common with his old man was looks, that's for sure.

  • Dolo54 Dolo54 on Oct 15, 2007

    A cheap way to do videos is upload them to youtube, then do the youtube embed in your site. That way you can use your own videos, or anybody else's and you don't have to worry about being sued or anything. Plus you don't pay for the bandwidth. (I'm not advocating stealing videos, but I do believe in fair use.)