Another One Rides the Bus – Then Drives His Expedition

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
another one rides the bus then drives his expedition

What do you do if you're a politician heading to a news conference where you intend to tell citizens to leave their cars at home– and your staff car is a Lincoln Navigator? That was the dilemma facing Washington D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty. The Metro (subway) couldn't get him there on time. Riding his bicycle would make him sweaty. Taking one of the city's fleet hybrids would look too contrived. So Mayor Fenty did what shocked a lot of people: he took the bus, minus his security detail. Hizzhonor stated to the Washington Post, "You don't need a car to get around. That's what makes us different than the suburbs." After the conference, he took the subway back to his office. Then he hopped into his personal Ford Expedition to drive across town to a pair of meetings.

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  • The Comedian The Comedian on Sep 11, 2007

    Parking at satellite DC Metro train station lots is actually pretty affordable. For example, I used to live right near the Forest Glen metro station (Right near the DC beltway in Silver Spring, MD) and parking there is just $45 a month.

  • Redbarchetta Redbarchetta on Sep 11, 2007

    Of all the cities and suburbs I have lived in over the years Savannah and NYC were the only cities I didn't have to go 2 miles to find any form of public transportation. I never used Savannah's because the bus only operated in the worste parts of the city and typically stopped EVERY BLOCK. Who has the time to spend traveling 90 minutes on a bus to get to the mall 5 miles away and then 90-120 to get back. The funny thing is I am all for public transport just not this mess that only works for 1% of the population.

  • Brendan Brendan on Sep 11, 2007

    I'm from DC and a mayor that is merely dishonest and not a sociopath crack addict is progress. BTW, missing here is that he is sort of correct. The Metro and buses are pretty good. Maybe not car replacements, but most people can get to and from work easily.

  • MaxHedrm MaxHedrm on Sep 12, 2007

    RyanK02: I don't know about other cities, but here in Dallas, the Park part of a Park & Ride is free. And, if your city chose to be forward thinking & participate in DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) with part of their sales tax you may not even have to drive very far.