Big Decisions Made In the Front Seat

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
big decisions made in the front seat

Our automobiles have become a mobile office, dining room, game room, entertainment center and lifestyle statement. gizmag reports that– Hello? Pay attention please! gizmag reports that a U.K. survey indicates the front seat of our automobile is now (always has been?) a hallowed forum for our most important interpersonal communications– a place to make "life-changing decisions." Respondents to the Kia-commissioned survey say they've discussed moving, getting married, buying a new car, ending a relationship and/or getting divorced while in their car. And why not? The front seat facilitates private time with your significant other; it's a place to avoid distractions, where neither party can walk away (at least until the next traffic light). Interestingly, although 12 percent listed "agreeing to start trying for a baby" as a life-changing decision that they'd made in the front seat of their car, there was no mention of any similar life-changing decisions in the back.

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  • D996 D996 on Aug 13, 2007

    That picture is the strangest optical illusion I have ever seen-stare at it for 2 minutes and a Viper appears in the background.

  • Cgraham Cgraham on Aug 13, 2007

    ...what viper... Honestly, the car and the hot tub are the only two places i talk to my girlfriend. I don't own a hot tub anymore.

  • VLAD VLAD on Aug 14, 2007

    Now we are talking.

  • Confused1096 Confused1096 on Aug 14, 2007

    I'll talk to my wife more while driving as soon as I figure out how to add a limo-style privacy partition to the minivan to block out kid noise!:)