VW Van Turns 60

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

Sixty years ago this week, a Dutch Volkswagen importer saw a strange vehicle built by workers to move heavy body panels around the VW factory. From these humble beginnings sprang the VW Kombi, AKA the VW Van, Bulli, Camper, and Minibus. Arguably the first true minivan, the Kombi sired a line of work trucks (including crew cab pickup variations), passenger vans, campers and became the official vehicle of the Deadhead. VW is planning a three-day celebration this October 5-7 in Hanover to mark the 60th Anniversary. Gizmag quotes Stephan Schaller, spokesman for Brand Management, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: "Scarcely any other vehicle evokes as many emotions as the VW Bulli. Back then it stood for new departures, economic success, independence as well as fun and travel. It is pleasant, reliable and a real cult vehicle. We want to establish the unrivalled legacy of our brand with the international VW Camper event and hope to revive the Bulli brand in the future." No word yet on whether Paul Niedermeyer will make the pilgrimage.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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