Pakistan's Traffic Woes

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
pakistan s traffic woes

Quetta is the capital of Baluchistan province, and one of Pakistan's most important military locations. (Quetta means fort in Pushto). It's also a German driver's worst nightmare: roads stuffed to the gills with over-loaded smokey wrecks, shopkeepers setting-up stalls on parking spots, traffic lights that don't work (which everyone ignores anyway) and pettifogging wardens who are easily (if not enthusiastically) bought off, who've still managed to write 38,910 tickets so far this year. OK, you say, that describes most of the "developing world." But have you ever wondered if there's a bureaucracy behind the madness trying to bring order to chaos? This story in the Daily Times sheds some representational light on Quetta's microscopic blue line.

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  • Robert Schwartz Robert Schwartz on Jul 12, 2007

    Pakistan is a failed state with numerous terrorist groups. Just 2 days ago the army stormed a mosque less than a mile from the governments head quarters and almost a 100 people died in the shoot out. Traffic is about 85th on their list of problems.

  • Thalter Thalter on Jul 12, 2007

    And these guys have nuclear weapons. Scary!

  • Jdizzle Jdizzle on Jul 13, 2007

    The only word that comes to mind is "cluster****."

  • Detroit-X Detroit-X on Jul 13, 2007

    Did you guys see the ad after following the link to the story? Titled "Dubai Summer Surprises?" Holy bad teeth Batman!! The kids in the picture look like cast members (no pun intended) in a B-movie nightmare. Oh, hey, yeah. Nice promo "Emirates." I wanna go there.