Interceptor? I Just Met Her!

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Why do buff books and big sites feel compelled to be a cheering section for the home team? When these guys catch a glimpse of a Detroit concept car they like, the gloves they took off for their reviews of home-grown product are put under lock and key. And out comes the brass section. Paul Eisenstein over at The Car Connection has tested not one but three FoMoCo ain'tgonnahappenmobiles. Obviously, there's not much there there– other than Ford designer Peter Horbury calling the Toyota Prius the Toyota Pious, albeit "impishly." (I guess he missed the memo on Ford's plug-in hybrid dreams.) So, has Ford green-lighted the Mustang-based Interceptor? "In the future, we have to go in a different direction," cautioned Horbury, adding that "especially with tight budgets," Ford can no longer afford many of these wild and wacky concepts. "We're not going to waste time and money showing something that has no chance of being put into production." Don't you just hate it when they play coy like that?

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Mud Mud on Jul 12, 2007

    .... yawn ....

  • Alex L. Dykes Alex L. Dykes on Jul 12, 2007

    Good, but I think the Chrysler 300C already flooded the market for large RWD...

  • NICKNICK NICKNICK on Jul 12, 2007

    I love the interceptor concept and wish that Ford would build it. Instead of making it Mustang-based, they ought to update the Panther and skin it like this. Here's where I contradict what I said yesterday about loving downmarket luxury...It would break my heart and offend my sensibilities to see the Interceptor with black rubber trim and 16" wheels and white paint. There's a Chrysler 300c SRT-8 near me that totally looks the business with it's big chrome mesh grille, 19" chromed alloys, big brakes, low suspension, etc. It totally flys in the face of all the rent-me white 300c with 16" all-seasons. I wish Ford would build the interceptor *exactly* as shown and no other way. Leave a boring Panther body for taxis and cops and oldsters, but make the Interceptor premium and something lustworthy. And yeah, build a Ford Prius. Seeing as how FoMoCo can't make cruise control not burn your house down, a hybrid should be just the ticket...

  • Confused1096 Confused1096 on Jul 16, 2007

    Not a bad looking car. Ford, please use this concept to reskin the Crown Vic.