Precast: Paris Not Hilton, MINI and Diesel Redux, The Hannitization of GM

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
precast paris not hilton mini and diesel redux the hannitization of gm

When I moved back to the US from the UK, I was delighted to discover right wing media commentators. After living in a country with a media dominated by anti-American, government intervention in all things left wingers, it was a relief to see that another perspective still existed. Fifteen minutes later, I realized that Bill, Rush, Savage and Sean are such egomaniacal asses that their politics don't really matter. GM's decision to hire Sean Hannity to host a flag-waving national radio promotion doesn't really matter either– except to the people for whom it does. Surfing the left-leaning blogs, it's clear they are one whole Hell of a lot less than happy about GM's choice. Hiring such a contentious commentator certainly seems like a bone-headed idea. The General needs all the friends it can get– from either side of the political divide. Still, it's bound to please the red state "heartland," who could well be GM's last redoubt. Has it really come to this, then, or am I just being overly politically sensitive? Listen and discuss.

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  • Jonny Lieberman Jonny Lieberman on Oct 05, 2006

    bznx9w: I've driven the Vette and the Z06. Both are totally excellent, interiors from hell not withstanding. Silerado... I tend to not like Dirt Haulers, but I will bite my tongue until I drive the new one.

  • Geeber Geeber on Oct 05, 2006
    A_B: Most editors, publishers, owners/corporate boards of corporations that publish or distribute the various media, are Republicans (this has been proven). And this is irrelevant. As I said before, most mainstream media lean to the center left on social issues, and track more closely to the center on economic issues. Plus, urban, upper-middle class Republicans (the class of most these owners and editors and publishers) are not necessarily all that conservative, and certainly not libertarian. If you doubt that, find out why the acronym RINO - Republican In Name Only - came into being.
  • Aldon Aldon on Oct 05, 2006

    Having your car company be identified with a(ny) poltical party can't be a good idea... but it will be interesting to see what happens. /Dodge driving Liberal

  • Ukexpat Ukexpat on Oct 09, 2006

    Oh please!! The US press needs to be more like the UK press. Where are the US versions of Jeremy Paxman and John Humphreys - interviewers who never let politicians get away with their soundbite b/s and try to make them answer the important questions??