Precast: Limo Love, Gord, Toyota Brands Earth, Miatamino, Endo

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
precast limo love gord toyota brands earth miatamino endo

Limos blow. They're unsightly, often comical beasts that exchange comfort for size (well, length) and offer all the tactile pleasure of a mid-market motel (pleather chairs, paper napkins, five pound champagne glasses, etc.). I've yet to ride in a limo that didn't assault my olfactory organ with a whiff of amonia. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. In fact, I reckon more than a few of you took my opening sentence at face value (so to speak) and pornoed the second. That's limos for you. In fact, if rock stars had never snorted coke and screwed groupies in the back of their limo, you wouldn't have high school boys crowding into them on prom night wishing, hoping, dreaming of doing the same. Nor would observers crane their necks to see what's going on inside these bizarre vehicles or whether or not the person emerging will fall down. I'd rather ride in the back of a comfortable sedan with a fresh newspaper and an old cigar. Home James.

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  • Carlisimo Carlisimo on Sep 19, 2006

    I wonder if I can make a totally off topic post to tell you to tell your friends at Jalopnik that en fuego sounds totally unnatural in Spanish... You know how, in English, saying "the car is in fire" doesn't sound right? Well, same thing. Common usage would be en llamas (up in flames). Yours truly, A San Jose resident

  • RicardoHead RicardoHead on Sep 20, 2006

    Ach du scheiße eine Trabant Limo! O mensch, muss mal kotzen!

  • Dave_G Dave_G on Sep 20, 2006

    I just got married and this was our limo. Surely this is the exception to the 'all limos blow' rule. And I really enjoy all the podcasts. Keep em coming. Thanks!

  • Jayjaya29 Jayjaya29 on Sep 20, 2006

    I find the podcasts extremely entertaining. As for limos, I've seen a few Hummer limos in sticky situations, almost getting stuck some times. But I have never been in a limo before.