Precast: F1 Hybrid, Dodge Hornet, Diesel

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

I've been podcasting with Mike Spinelli of Jalopnik on a daily basis for quite some time. I hesitate to say exactly how long because then I'd have to think about the precise meaning of "hobby trading" and I've always found that term more than a bit humiliating. Anyway, Mike has graciously allowed me to air these podcasts on TTAC. So I'm going to posting them for a week or so. If they prove popular, the kid stays in the picture. If not, well, Tamora is another TVR. Or something like that.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • TampaWRX TampaWRX on Sep 05, 2006

    Very cool, but it sounded like there was more to be said. I for one enjoy these sorts of candid discussions...I might not ever be interested in a diesel, but this is the first I had heard of MB having problems getting the Blutech diesels certified in the States. Once upon a time, I could empathize or even agree with some of the left of clean air issues, but like PETA, they have taken a good idea and turned into a method of pushing a fundamentalist, unrealistic agenda. A shame, no doubt.

  • Tyler D Tyler D on Sep 05, 2006

    I want to know when I can get a hold of an AWD turbo diesel wagon with SMG, but NOT made by VW.

  • Fellswoop Fellswoop on Sep 06, 2006

    What does the TTAC community think about the Hornet concept? Seems like an awfully good idea to cobble together some kind of hip and functional hatchback econocar. If it is practical and lightweight with mopar-moddable bits for enthusiasts, would that not work pretty well in the current marketplace? Really what I'm talking about is a Neon with an updated space-efficient hatch body. Hmm, except the neon had pretty bad gas milage. Does DCX have a better engine that they already "own" or have rights to that they can stick in there in a hurry? Aw, forget it. Can somebody straight up explain why the US auto industry, which seems to completely have its pants around its ankles, doesn't use cars the companies have already developed in Europe (or elsewhere) to sell here in the USA? It can't just be emissions and bumpers we're talking about here, right? Are there not scads of cool little hatchbacks all over Europe right now? Instead they have to start from absolute scratch and form partnerships with other companies and whatnot?

  • Jim H Jim H on Sep 07, 2006

    As far as looks, I think this is a good looking car. I hope they make it fun to drive!