Podcast: Lieberman Checks In (Again): Gabba Grabber Hey!

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
podcast lieberman checks in again gabba grabber hey

Fresh from some serious seat time in the Ford Mustang GT Convertible, Jonny Lieberman rang up TTAC HQ to schmooze about all things automotive. After listening to JL sing the praises of Ford's rear wheel-drive rag top, I tried to ease the conversation towards the tectonic shift from fuel-sucking SUV's to more economical cars. Only Loverman wasn't having it. Sure, he noticed a fleet of Prii and scoped a seaside parking lot stuffed with SUV's, but whether or not the Prii were statistically relevant or the SUV's were GMT900's escaped his attention. Anyway, speaking to Jonny reminds me of a line from "My Favorite Year," when one of the writers for a New York-based comedy show announces his intention to move to Hollywood. "How can you be funny in Hollywood?" the head writer demands. "No one's miserable enough!" And yet, somehow, he manages.

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  • Johnnycam Johnnycam on Aug 10, 2006

    Quick - where is the best place on earth to live? Obviously the answer is: it depends on your values and resources. Why is it so hard to figure out that vehicles are the same? SUV's are the best choice for some people - they are not an irrational choice even if you never leave the pavement. For many they are the best choice for largely emotional reasons - but most of our decisions come down to emotions. We are emotional creatures. Recycling household garbage makes no practical sense, but it makes people feel better about the environment. If you don't mind paying for that. And if you have the money to live in the suburbs and drive a big SUV because it makes you feel powerful - go for it. We are eventually going to run out of oil no matter what anyone drives. And besides, Al Gore is using a lot more precious oil flying around the world then you ever will in your SUV. If people really wanted to use the earth's limited resources in the most efficient way, they would all be unabashed capitalists, but most aren't. I think older TV shows have a lot to teach us. There was an episode of the Get Smart show with Laraby, Max and the Chief locked in an airtight bank vault. As Laraby started to do jumping jacks, Max and the Chief freak out. As Laraby said, "You use your air your way, and I'll use my air my way." Damn, I would look good in that Mustang.

  • 2006300c 2006300c on Aug 10, 2006

    We got most of our oil from Texas back than actually, and the less said about "the world is flat" Freidman the better. The Aveo is a car that GM made to help with CAFE fleet standards and this Daewoo with a Chevy badge crayoned to it is just a way for GM to make money off of stretched students and tightwads without doing any significant R&D work. Most cars that people like are turned into models and replicas to commemorate them. There are about 4 different 59 caddy versions in the 1/18th scale alone. No aveos, daewoos or priuses though. History has spoken; the meek shall not inherit the road or the bookshelf. I called Dylan a WHINY old hippie BTW. I’m 19 and I believe that Bobby is in his 60's, so I would hope he has achieved more than me because it would be sad if he hadn’t. This man was nothing more than a cheerleader for a generation of spoiled brats (baby boomers) who all pretended to be third world revolutionaries and than became some of the most cutthroat capitalists ever spawned. What generation had the income to begin the SUV craze? Huh, Bub?

  • Homme Homme on Aug 11, 2006

    "2006300c" you're too funny. Remember: You are to Dylan as Aveos are to your befinned Caddy.

  • Jonny Lieberman Jonny Lieberman on Aug 11, 2006

    But as D. Boon said, "Mr. Narrator, this is Bob Dylan to me."