My Veyron Dot Huh?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

When I ordered my first Ferrari, I spent entire nights dreaming of rust, mechanical failures, stratospheric repair bills, cliff face depreciation, uncontrollable oversteer, towering monthly payments and long, expensive separations. No wait; that was after I bought it. Before the F355B graced my drive, my obsession had no hard edges– or time limits. In fact, it got to the point where I considered taking out a no contact order on my imagination. So I understand Dave Plews' plight. The London-based web designer wants a Veyron so bad he's gone a bit loopy. He's set up a website to try and raise money to buy the big Bug, selling lottery tickets to cars he doesn't have and mechandise I don't think you'd want. I called Dave to try to get a handle on the logistics of this enterprise, and discovered a man possessed is a man prevaricating. Still, TTAC wishes "Supa Dave" luck. If he succeeds, I'll gladly chip in for one of those pine tree air fresheners.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Gbh Gbh on Jul 26, 2006

    "If I really wanted to I can buy a Veryon " Great! Go buy yourself one. Demonstrate some dignity and self-worth. Instead, you are out begging for people who have far less money than you to help you buy one. Pathetic, sick and wrong. You are as absolutely disgusting as a hundred-millionaire baseball team owner going to the public to fund a new stadium for him. I originally thought the idea was yet another rude stunt done by another weak punk who is too lazy to work to get ahead. Instead, sucking in some gullible people to his "red-paperclip" dream to give him money and do the work for him. Now, if in fact you do have the money to buy one, and yet you/your brother are out trying to get someone else to buy it for you, you can go to hell. Hell is where you belong anyway just for asking people to buy you a car when you could buy one yourself. Since this is a civilized column, with civilized readers, I'll skip what kind of excrement those two putzes are. Moreover, anybody here wanna give these clowns a free car that they could buy on their own?

  • Skierpage Skierpage on Jul 26, 2006

    Hey Farago, nice choice of wheels. I own three Ferrari F355's. Lovely car. (The Hot Wheels 1:43 in yellow, the Hot Wheels 1:18 in red, and the Mattel Barbie radio-control red Spider. I accessorized the last with Barbie in both Scuderia Ferrari overalls and Ferrari red leather miniskirt and basque.)

  • Muvasa Muvasa on Jul 27, 2006

    Dear gbh... Hope your day got better :-) We actually decided to 'step off' this specific subject on this forum, BUT after your feedback, I would love to clarify one or two uncertainties...for the last time... We are not begging for money. All income are generated legitimately (merchandise sales, competition tickets, marketing/advertising etc) - there is an opportunity for donations, but we prefer the 'hard earn cash' route. You will actually notice in the blog that we have turned down a big corporate offer / sponsorship deal, because we want to show it is possible to generate the money in a honest way. =1, gbh=0 We have more than enough self worth, dignity (and may I add courage), that is why we do not hide ourselves or our part in this project. We are available for any questions etc and everyone knows who we are myveyron=2, gbh=0 Yes, I suppose if we do 'count our pennies' and smile nicely at the bankmanager, we would be able to buy a Veyron...does that make me such a bad person...? but ok, I'll give you a point for trying :-) ???just keep hour hands out of my pocket ???, gbh=1 Lastly, please go and READ what this project is about...It is not about the money. It is about a dream/ a challenge to raise enough money to buy a Veyron. We are only going to 'enjoy the car' for TWO weeks. That is it. Thereafter it gets handed over to the 100 ticket holders that 'bought' a lap in the car. Then the car will perform two specific tests and then, AND LISTEN NICELY, It will then be auctioned and EVERY PENNY RAISED will be handed over (by our auditors) to the nominated charities (hopefully in the region of 500000 pounds each.)We don???t get a cent...we started with 0 we end with 0, we only get the satisfaction that we did it! We raised the money, we bought the car, we droved it and we auctioned it to the benefit of the less unfortunate. The irony, we actually take from the rich and give to the poor. Using our own time, resources and imagination - we are like the 'poor mans' modern day Robin Hood...brilliant, gbh=1, nelson Mandela Children???s fund =500000+,Sport relieve trust =500000+ ???.Surely it is clear who is 'winning' at the end of the day... Guess you must ask yourself what you are doing to challenge yourself AND to improve the life of the less fortunate... All the best, m

  • Boompa Boompa on Aug 29, 2006

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