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By on June 28, 2019

best trailer locks

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Yes, I know it seems we got our pithy phrase backwards in the title. What we mean by it is that after loading your trailer, you should lock the thing, geddit? We’ll be here all week folks; try the veal.

It doesn’t matter what’s in the tow behind — boxes of tools, camping equipment, or a Hemi ‘Cuda — it all makes a tempting target for the criminal element. This goes for actual camping trailers, too. A retailer near your author’s hometown has to deal with loss prevention more often than anyone would care to admit. After all, in most cases, the theft is as simple as a hitch-up-and-go.

In the same way The Club steering-wheel lock is used to simply provide a deterrent, rather than making your ride theft-proof, so do these hitch locks for trailers. If there are two units side by each, a thief will likely make off with the one that provides the least resistance to an easy payday. A person should still lock the doors on the thing or, if it’s a flat deck, find some other way to secure the valuables.

Meaning, of course, that none of these are a total waste of money. Something is always better than nothing and we waded through a few different options so you don’t have to.

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