Toyota Execs Geek Out Over Disassembled Tesla Model Y

Despite its size and considerable resources, Toyota has been slow to develop and release new EV models. That will likely change under its new CEO, but the automaker has a long way to go, as its recent tear-down of a Tesla Model Y highlighted its deficiencies in EV engineering.

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Toyota Eyeing Kentucky for New EV Plant

Toyota was slow to get going with electric vehicle development, but it’s got a new CEO and a fresh outlook on what it will take to remain the world’s largest automaker. To improve its chances and gain eligibility for federal tax credits, Toyota needs to build EVs in the United States. That could be changing as early as 2025, according to a new report from Nikkei

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  • Irvingklaws Still listen to AM from time to time. Mostly just to find what's out there, often just after something has cleared all my presets. Lots of christian and rightwing politic talk shows, but there's still music, local news, traffic, and weather. I've found lots of non-English (as a primary language) stations as well. Kind of like local access cable. You can find more local content that can't get air time on the big stations. It can be fun to explore on trips just seek/scanning up and down the dial.
  • Oberkanone AM is choice for traffic reports, local news, and sports. FM is choice for music. I don't own a cell phone. How often is AM radio accessed? Over 90% of drives I use AM at some point.
  • Art Vandelay So half of them voted for the same people that were selling them out and taking bribes? Wow
  • Jkross22 Not sure this is the issue it was 10 years ago. iheart and other services are available for streaming from phones. Sports, political, foreign language/music seem to be the most popular stations on AM but not FM. Much better quality when streaming AM stations.
  • Wayne that pict is NOT a small truck, it's a station wagon with a bed.