Why Rent a Car When You Can Rent One of These?

An interesting thing happens when a few like-minded people end up living near each other in high-end neighborhoods: golf karts start to appear. The easy-going rides are perfect for putzing around gated communities, but they’re not street-legal. That’s where Moke comes in. Its tiny electric cars are a natural not-a-car vehicle for navigating the quiet streets of retirement communities and beach towns. Now, the company is offering rentals to folks who can’t afford the more than $20,000 purchase price for one of its cars. 

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  • SCE to AUX Looks like a good buy, but I'm not into alterations.
  • Ajla I'm smart enough to see the popularity of CUVs.What I'm not smart enough to understand is how selling 20000 sedans in small markets is superior to selling 20000 sedans in a larger market.
  • SCE to AUX Ford's drug of choice is the F-Series; they don't need no stinking sedans.
  • Kendahl We've been very satisfied with out Focus SE hatchback. (It has the 5-speed manual transmission, not the dual clutch automatic that never worked right.) We'd buy another Focus, this time an ST since we moved from 1,000 feet altitude to 6,000 feet, but Ford no longer makes cars except for the Mustang. Ford has lost us as customers. They don't make anything we want.
  • SPPPP I guess they couldn't get the Opel branded airbag shipped over, eh?