QOTD: A Weirdo, Just Like Me?

We’re an odd bunch around here, as I’m sure you’ll agree. Some of the B&B are pretty far into the field as well. It what makes this place tick, as it has for years.

The tastes of your authors run the gamut, from weird old hatchbacks to strange sedans. Any mention of Oldsmobile causes heart palpitations in more than a few names listed on our masthead.

What machine causes you to, despite perplexed looks from your companions, to break out the camera on your smartphone? For me, it was a GM A-Body just two days ago.

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  • 28-Cars-Later There is no and will be no "EV transition". The "transition" will be to a smaller auto industry with less production and higher prices.
  • 28-Cars-Later $300 and its only because its a 5 speed.
  • Bobby D'Oppo I'm a huge fan of Honda's legendary (no pun intended) golden era 90's products, but I'm troubled by Acura's inability to keep pace with the competition through the past few generations when it comes to performance drivetrain and chassis tech. They so rarely deliver anything that properly challenges the best from zee Germans or even Lexus. It's great that their volume models still tend to stand among the strongest in their categories, but the way Honda/Acura continuously fails to deliver anything remotely exceptional for the the premium buyer is incredibly disappointing. The sports/luxury market drives innovation and also happens to be where the margins are. That the millions of people who grew up with Honda cars have been left with so few options when they're ready to graduate to something beyond a Civic with a hot motor, or a warmed-over CR-V with a few extra bells and whistles seems absolutely tragic.
  • Lou_BC Zero interest in Manhattan. Trumpty Dumpty Org. did get convicted on all charges there.
  • Sid SB I was talking to local dealer about a Type R and they $10k mark up because they are not selling cars due to supply issues. I decided not to argue but I was thinking that service shops were the real cash magnets for the dealers not car sales.