How One Man Got the Best Job in the World

Welcome back. This week we have another episode of the TTAC podcast!

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These Car Brands Will Be Expensive to Maintain

Hey hey, whaddaya say? Today is podcast day!

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QOTD: Are You Afraid of Autonomous Cars?

We've talked about autonomous cars on the podcast twice in recent weeks.

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You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Autonomous Cars, Here's Why

It's podcast time again. This week, we talk with Alex Roy, principal at Johnson and Roy Advisors, a company that provides strategy for companies in the AI, robotics, and transportation space, about why autonomous cars aren't so scary.

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These Are the Cars You Should Buy Used

It's time for another podcast!

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Here's Why Consumers Are Scared of Self-Driving Cars

Today is Friday, so it must be podcast day!

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There’s a New Problem With Electric Cars That No One Saw Coming

This week we sit down with Cody Stolle, research assistant professor at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and the assistant director at the Midwest Roadside Safety Facility, to discuss a lesser-known problem with EVs and road safety.

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These Are the Best Family Cars for 2024

This week we sit down with John Vincent, senior editor of vehicle testing at U.S. News & World Report, to discuss their best cars for families for 2024.

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The Best Cars from the 2024 New York Auto Show

Last week in New York, I sat down with Brian Moody, the executive editor at AutoTrader, to discuss what was going in Manhattan at the 2024 New York Auto Show.

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How Do Automakers Handle Politics?

As regular readers know, the regulatory side of the automotive industry is hugely important. It's not as fun to read about as a well-written car review of some sexy sports car being tested in Spain, but it matters a lot. Not just to those employed in the industry (or in industry-adjacent jobs, like mine) but also to the car-buying public.

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These Are The Most Reliable Car Brands

For today's podcast, we sat down with Tyson Jominy, Vice President, data and analytics for J.D. Power, to discuss what the most reliable car brands are.

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Have We Reached Peak EV (Part Two)?

Last week we were discussing electric vehicles with BJ Birtwell, who likely would consider himself and EV evangelist, and Alex Knizek from Consumer Reports, who noted that seven of this year's top 10 vehicles were electrified.

This week we dig deeper into what is happening with the EV market.

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Are Plug-In Hybrids the Future?

On today's podcast, we ponder if plug-in hybrids are the future, talk Tesla and Ram, and ruminate on our first races attended as fans.

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This State Might Ban Gasoline Cars. Here’s Who’s Fighting Back

This week we speak with Mike Spagnola, president and CEO of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), about a proposed ban on internal-combustion engine (ICE) vehicles in Connecticut.

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Are Auto Shows Dying?

The question I posed in the headline is an interesting one. There's been a lot of consternation that auto shows are dying, set to be killed by a changing world.

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  • Scott So they are losing hundreds of millions of dollars and they are promising us a “Cheaper EV”? I wonder how that will look and feel? They killed the Fiesta because they claimed that they couldn’t make a profit on them and when I bought the first one in late 2010 they couldn’t deliver the accessories I wanted for it! Then I bought a 2016 Fiesta ST and again couldn’t get the accessories for it I wanted. They claimed that the components were going to be available, eventually. So they lost on that one as well! I don’t care about what they say anymore. I’ve moved on to another brand.
  • Michael S6 CX 70 or 90 will not be on my buying list. Drove a rental base CX 90 and it was noisy and the engine noise was not pleasant. Ride was rough for a family SUV. Mazda has to understand that what is good for Miata isn't what we expect in semi luxury SUV. My wife's 2012 Buick Enclave has much better Ride and noise level albeit at worse gas millage. Had difficulty pairing my phone with Apple CarPlay
  • Michael S6 What is the metric conversion between one million barrels and the number of votes he expects to buy.
  • NJRide This could give Infiniti dealers an extra product maybe make it a sub brand
  • Lou_BC Mr. Posky outraged over an old guy passing er releasing some gas. How are those sedan sales going?