November 2018 U.S. Auto Sales: Honda in Descent Mode

If you listened closely to the voices of those attending the L.A. Auto Show, more than a few people gave Honda’s new Passport the backhanded compliment of it being a perfectly competent crossover that fails to break any new ground.

Here’s the truth: most of the time, it’s only some journalists and a few fanatics who care about a car “breaking new ground” — especially when that car is a commoditized crossover. In reality, the Passport is perfectly sized for most shoppers (or at least they think it’s perfectly sized for them, which is all that matters) and bears the badge of a familiar and trusted brand. They’ll sell boatloads.

And, according to November’s sales numbers, it can’t arrive at dealers soon enough.

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  • Eric Here’s a couple of pics.
  • Eric The shock towers have the typical rust, the body is very straight surprisingly , little surface rust at the bottom of the quarter panels but not too bad. The interior isn’t as bad as it looks, I’ll throw on a dash cover and I think it will clean up nicely. I’ve owned an MN12 for almost 20 years now, this is my first fox platform, it’ll be a great restoration project!
  • EBFlex So all the reasons that were present and caused Ford to substantially raise prices less then a year ago are no longer present? What changed? Does it still cost Ford $25K more to make a fake Mustang than it does a comparable Edge? “The Michigan-based company cites “significant material cost increases,”  supply chain issues and changing demand for the new higher prices. ”So those issues are solved?
  • Stanley Steamer What is that white roadster in the background?
  • Bufguy The Seville was not an X car....Yes the Seville was based on the x car platform but the changes were so extensive that GM designated the platform “K,” because it very little in common with the X. Only the rear subframe, front suspension, part of the floor and the roof were carried over unchanged.