Nissan is Done Investing in New Gas Engines

Nissan is bucking the trend of automakers hanging onto combustion engines for as long as possible. Speaking with the Australian magazine Drive, a company executive said its future lies in electrification and noted that it would not invest in new internal combustion powertrain technologies.

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Nissan Has a Turnaround Plan That Involves Cheaper EVs and Other Electrified Models

The last decade hasn’t been the kindest to Nissan. Its former CEO had to flee Japan and is currently hiding in Lebanon, and several high-value employees left shortly after. Now, the company has reportedly backed out of a tentative deal to invest in Fisker and is eying the possibility that China could eat everyone’s lunch with affordable EVs. CEO Makoto Uchida recently outlined the automaker’s comeback roadmap, called “The Arc,” which he said would involve launching dozens of new models and enhancing the brand’s competitiveness in the EV space.

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Nissan Unveils Ariya Nismo for Japan

The Ariya arrived later than Nissan wanted, but it’s good enough to warrant a look from EV buyers. However, it didn’t have an engaging driving experience or much in the way of performance. Nissan’s changing that for 2024 – at least in Japan – with the new Ariya Nismo.

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Nissan Recalls Almost 10,000 Ariyas for Unexpected Loss of Power

The Nissan Ariya had early delays that softened what could have been a significant EV release for the automaker, but the reviews are generally positive, as most are impressed with its cabin quality and comfort. Despite that, the SUV is facing a recall of almost 10,000 units for an issue with its software that could cause an unexpected shutdown. 

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Till the Wheels Fall Off: Nissan Recalls Ariya and the NHTSA Investigates the Tesla Model Y for Detaching Steering Wheels

We don’t often get to talk about recalls from different manufacturers in the same article, but here we are. Nissan recalled its new electric SUV over concerns that the steering wheel could fall off, while the NHTSA is investigating claims that the Tesla Model Y’s wheel could detach due to a missing bolt. Nissan’s recall is small, with just 1,063 vehicles, but if the investigation yields a recall, Tesla’s could include up to 120,000 Model Y SUVs. 

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2023 Nissan Ariya Reservations Now Open

The Los Angeles Auto Show is upon us once again, and once again automakers hosted events the night before the media day. Some things don’t change, even if this time we had to wear masks indoors and fill out a form saying we didn’t have COVID, as far as we knew.

This is how I found myself standing in a rented mansion in the Hollywood Hills — one that had a stunning view of L.A. — clutching a plastic glass of wine and listening to actor Jay Ellis extol the virtues of the Nissan Ariya EV. All because reservations for the Ariya opened up officially on Tuesday night.

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Nissan Ariya: Keeping Up With the Pack

Don’t have a compact EV crossover in the works? Are you even an automaker?

Keeping up with the industry Joneses is a longstanding tradition among automakers, and Nissan, despite its troubles, isn’t throwing in the towel when it comes to cutting-edge competition. After revealing a concept CUV last year that promised gas-free driving and a healthy driving range, Nissan unveiled the production vehicle last night.

It doesn’t differ much from the concept.

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Nissan Ariya Debut Coming In July; CEO (Again) Promises to Right the Ship

I’m your man, Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida told shareholders at an annual meeting Monday, promising to take a pay cut while firming up the fiscal foundations of an automaker that was floundering even before the pandemic hit.

Nissan rolled out a very different kind of four-year plan in late May. Cost-cutting and consolidation is the name of the game going forward, but shareholders often want more assurance than a blueprint can provide.

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Language Rights: Nissan Readies 'e-4ORCE' for Showrooms

Within a couple of years, Nissan hopes to put the company’s current dark clouds behind it and get on with the business of selling cars and making money. One vehicle expected to help the automaker in this supposedly EV-hungry decade is a production version of last year’s Ariya — a concept crossover powered solely by electricity.

Looking pretty fleshed-out for a concept, the Ariya, or whatever Nissan chooses to call it, will join the long-running Leaf in the company’s emissions-free stable. At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, the automaker chose to show off the system that gets the Ariya moving. It’s an unholy marriage of letters and numbers.

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Nissan Ariya Concept: Shape of Things to Come

Mazda wasn’t the only Japanese automaker to lift the sheet on an electric crossover at the Tokyo Motor Show today. Nissan got in on the game, revealing a crossover “concept” that looks ripe for the production line.

As opposed to past concepts like the IMk and IMx, this Nissan has a name — Ariya, which one assumes is pronounced “area.” The compact EV crossover also dispenses with the usual gee-whiz concept car trappings, looking very much like a vehicle bound for showrooms. Nissan leaves no doubt that the Ariya, or something almost identical to it, could soon become a reality.

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  • FreedMike I like the looks of the Z, but I'd take the Mustang. V8s are a disappearing breed.
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  • Dartdude The Europeans don't understand the American market. That is why they are small players here. Chrysler Group is going to die pretty soon under their control. Europeans have a sense of superiority over Americans that is why the Mercedes merger didn't work out and almost killed Chrysler. Bringing European managers aren't going to help. Just like F1 they want our money. We need Elon Musk to buy out Chrysler, Dodge and Ram from Stellantis.