A Halo With Value: EV Range-topper Carves Out New Role for Kia

A lofty, high-performance electric vehicle currently headed down the Kia product pipeline is, like all EVs, something of a gamble. For the mainstream Korean automaker, it’s also a departure.

Heralded by last year’s striking Imagine concept, the upcoming coupe-like crossover will clearly be a way for Kia designers to make a name for themselves — and, Kia hopes, a way for big-bucks buyers to get more for their money.

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  • Azfelix Will Jeep be publishing severe terrain and rock climbing mileage numbers for their EVs? This information would help in determining where to place charging stations along off road trails.
  • Dan65708323 That sure didn't take long. What, a month?
  • Azfelix Does the extra rolling help regenerate battery power and add to the truck's overall efficiency in KWh? This may be a feature and not a bug.
  • Dan65708323 They probably laid off the entire division.
  • MaintenanceCosts I'm ... not a Jeep guy. None of these really has much appeal for me. The attempt to combine BEV with a manual is just kind of silly. The others are just variants of vehicles I wasn't interested in in the first place.