Audi Ponders Killing Q8 EV Early to Restructure Brussels

Audi has released a statement of intention to restructure its facility in Brussels over concerns that the electrified Q8 e-tron experienced “a segment-specific intensified drop in demand.” However, restructuring may not be the end result — as the brand stated that a cessation of operations at the site may take place if an alternative solution isn’t found.

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Porsche Scaling Back Taycan Production

With Porsche planning to eliminate its more affordable combustion models for the sake of fleet-wide electrification, there has been a lot of speculation on how well that will play out for the company in the long run. We already covered the fate of the soon to be discontinued vehicles, so there’s not much reason to recap the entire saga. But there is another data point that needs to be taken into account.

Porsche is scaling back production of the Taycan — which happens to be its flagship EV.

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Hyundai Motor Plans On Building More Hybrids Inside North America

Hyundai Motor reportedly plans on using preexisting investments slated for its new EV facility in Georgia to pivot toward hybrid vehicles, as all-electric models haven’t seen the kind of adoption rates that would warrant an entire factory — let alone the plant that will become its largest outside of South Korea.

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Southern Unionization Remains An Uphill Battle As Governors Caution Against UAW

With the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America International Union (UAW) seeking to expand in the Southern United States, Republican governors have started to condemn the action on the grounds that it would be detrimental to the economy. Governors in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas released a joint statement against the UAW shortly before Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, were supposed to begin voting on whether or not to unionize.

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Stellantis Investors Fume Over CEO Pay Amid Job Cuts, Plant Closures, Supplier Strife

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares’ pay increase has annoyed a subset of shareholders as the automaker positions itself for more layoffs and attempts to shift the production of electric vehicles to countries where labor is cheaper. Meanwhile, the automaker's unwillingness to renegotiate contracts with suppliers had created additional tension with its business partners.

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UAW Announces Volkswagen Workers Filing for Unionization Vote in Tennessee

Volkswagen employees in Chattanooga, TN, have filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board for a vote to join the UAW. Clearly pleased, the union shared this world with the news on Monday to be accompanied by the requisite media agitprop.

This will be the first time a non-union automotive plant has filed for a union election in quite some time. The UAW called it a “grassroots effort” following the UAW’s previous contract negotiations with Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis.

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Report: U.S. Prepping $540 Million for SK Group Semiconductor Factory in Michigan

The United States Department of Energy has confirmed plans to loan $544 million to South Korean tech conglomerate SK Group under the conditions it be used to expand semiconductor production in the Midwest. Finances have been earmarked for a facility operated by subsidiary SK Siltron CSS to expand a plant located in Bay City, Michigan, which had previously expressed plans to build more chips.

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Report: BYD Plotting New EV Factory in Mexico

China’s BYD is reportedly prepared to set up a new production facility in Mexico with the alleged plan to use the locale as an export hub for the United States.

Mexico has long been a convenient venue for automakers vying to sell products within the Western Hemisphere without having to pay the kind of salaries commensurate with higher living standards. American brands love sending jobs to Mexico, as does every other company interested in moving high volume models through North and South America. With BYD having previously voiced its global aspirations, setting up shop in El Águila Real seems like an obvious play.

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Report: Honda Considers Building New EV Factory in Canada

The Honda Motor Company has reportedly been going over prospective plans to build a $13.83 billion facility in Canada that would focus on the production of electric vehicles. Japan's Nikkei news group broke the story over the weekend, suggesting the site could include on-site battery production that would help the manufacturer with regional content requirements tied to U.S. incentives.

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Ford Scales Back Michigan Battery Plant Investments

Ford has said it will restart construction on the electric vehicle battery facility it’s building in Marshall, Michigan, after pausing work when the UAW strike kicked off a couple months ago. But the company has also announced that it would be “re-timing and resizing some investments.”

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Hyundai Workers Also Slated for Pay Raise

With Honda having followed Toyota in offering employee raises in the wake of the United Auto Workers (UAW) appearing to have settled contract negotiations in Detroit, the rest of the industry appears to have set off a Domino Rally of wage increases. Hyundai is now offering manufacturing workers more than they were making last year and has promised to bump pay by 25 percent through 2028.

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Lordstown Motors Goes Bust

On Tuesday, Lordstown Motors Corp. (LMC) officially filed for bankruptcy and sued Foxconn. Though the writing was already on the wall for the Ohio-based electric vehicle manufacturer. Lordstown’s share price collapsed in 2021 and the company has suffered numerous production delays. This seems to have encouraged the Hon Hai Technology Group/Foxconn to back out of its strategic partnership.

But it’s not bad news for everybody. Former chief executive of Lordstown Motors, Steve Burns, managed to sell off every share of his stock before the company filed for Chapter 11. You might remember him as the executive who abruptly quit the company without explanation shortly after LMC's stock valuation slammed into the pavement.

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Toyota Makes Big Claims About EV Development Scheme

While Toyota Motor Corp is known for casting a wide net and acting cautiously, it recently made some fairly lofty statements about its strategy regarding all-electric vehicles. Despite the brand offering the humble bZ4X as its singular EV on the North American market, Toyota is suggesting subsequent models driving ranges that model would envy. 

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Ford Reopens Cologne Facility as EV Plant

On Monday, Ford Motor Co. opened the Cologne Electric Vehicle Center in Germany. Founded in 1930, the facility first produced examples of the Model A intended for the European market. Though the site is probably more famous for manufacturing the Ford Capri and every single generation of the humble Fiesta.

The factory has more recently been the recipient of a $2 billion investment to prepare it for the automaker’s push into electrification. With retooling having concluded, Ford says the plant should boast an annual production capacity of 250,000 electric vehicles.

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Toyota Confirms Kentucky Plant for First Domestic EV

On Wednesday, Toyota Motor Corp. confirmed that its first U.S.-made all-electric vehicle will be assembled in Kentucky starting in 2025. The Georgetown facility is the automaker’s largest in the world and will be incorporating a three-row EV into its production lines once Toyota’s battery plant in North Carolina is completed.

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  • Steve Biro Those old tube-type, single-speaker AM radios sounded better than you’d think. AM radio offered 15khz of bandwidth in those days - not far off from the 20khz of FM. And those full-range speakers provided rich, full-toned audio that reflected off the windshield just fine. I imagine the hepcats would have easily caught jazz broadcasts on the 50,000-watt clear-channel stations out of the big cities after sunset every night. AM was pretty good in the post-war period of the late 1940’s through 1960’s.
  • Jeff The styling of this Hudson reminds me of a 49 thru 51 Mercury.
  • Arthur Dailey That is a cool car. Really hope that it somehow gets restored and back on the road in the future. As for single speaker on the dash radios. Those were still around in the early 1970's. We found a way as teenagers to live with them until we could afford to purchase a Sparkomatic or other after market radio and install it and some speakers.In the George Reeves' Adventures of Superman TV series they generally drove Nash vehicles and this car reminds me of the cars in that show.
  • Jeff This car is in remarkable condition especially the seats. Hudson Hornets were raced in the time of this car and won many car races despite having a flathead straight 6. This car looks very restorable but I guess the value makes it not worth it. Nice find.
  • Eliyahu Looks like the heater and the gauges were optional. Note the pull-out parking brake handle near them. The Hornet was also an AMC model later on. Kelvinator also made refrigerators at some point. They just don't make them like they used to-thank heavens!