Merchants of Speed: The Men Who Built America's Performance Industry, by Paul D. Smith
I’ve got this intimidating stack-o-car books to review— it’s been five months since the last one— and so I figured I’d skim them all and pick out a few winners. I cracked this one open, got hooked right away, and read the whole thing while ignoring the rest of the pile.
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  • JMII I'm not the off roader type but these look good, especially the old school script badging.
  • Cprescott The only way you'd know this is a Bronco is by the white top and the badge on it. Just another junk Ford from a company that has forgotten its way.
  • Arthur Dailey As 'nice' as this car may have been, who in their target demographic would chose this over an Avalon? Particularly if the Avalon cost less.
  • Arthur Dailey As an aside in American Grafitti, Cindy Williams' character drove a 1958 Edsel Corsair (hardtop sedan).
  • BetterOne "GM Files for..." Okay, who else mentally filled in "Bankruptcy?"