Rare Rides: The 1988 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, Aftermarket Elegance

Today’s Cadillac is an example of what happens when you combine consumer tastes in places like Miami in the late Eighties with the refusal of some domestic manufacturers to make luxury convertibles.

Presenting a Cadillac coupe that’s custom, cabriolet, and cool DeVille.

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  • Ajla Use compacted graphite iron for the block and then cheap out on the intake valves? 🤷‍♂️
  • Cprescott Fix or Recall Daily
  • Steve S. That's a very early '75 model called a "Swallowtail" due to the dipped lower body line on the back panel. Worth restoring? Maybe that's why the owner held onto it for so long. "Hyup, ahm'ol fix 'er up someday. Now GIT!"https://smallbumpers.mx/swallowtail-mk1/
  • Kjhkjlhkjhkljh kljhjkhjklhkjh oh dear god .. 3700 for a car with a blown turbo, or destroyed injectors, or both .. 100k on a >>>20 year old motor
  • Spectator Poor marketing logic here, some buyers associate the 1700's as a period of darkness and slavery for this country. To brand a trim line this way is going to limit consumer interest in my opinion.