Piston Slap: A Tale of Collector Car Insurance

James writes:

Are there any good insurance options for old, low-value non-collector cars? I’m going to have a pretty good handful of antique-plated vehicles in the next few years, and it seems silly to have regular insurance for stuff that might get driven once or twice a month, but “collector” car insurance is geared towards show-winner ’65 Mustangs and such.

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Piston Slap: The Spare 300E Needs a National Bricklin Museum?

Fabio writes:

Hi Sajeev,

I have been asked by an uncle if I would like to his 91 Mercedes 300E (he has supplied all of his children and is now moving to the extended family). It has 230K km (140K miles) and looks to be in pretty good condition. He’s mentioned that it has been very reliable. The purchase price would be negligible and the insurance is reasonable. One of my concerns is that I would be using the car as my daily driver (it would be replacing my current 99 Grand Am (170K miles) and I wanted to get another take on that – is it reasonable, or is it not a good idea.

I’ve read a bit up on that vehicle and it seems to have a decent reputation for longevity (with the required maintenance). I was hoping if you could provide some insight as to whether this seems like a feasible idea, or would I just be better off sticking with the Grand Am.

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  • ToolGuy I am NOT SURE WHAT TO SAY. In fact I'M NOT EVEN SURE WHAT I JUST READ. I paid a premium for my last cordless drill/driver because it has a hydraulic front end which PRODUCES LESS NOISE AND VIBRATION.
  • ToolGuy Tim, THANK YOU FOR THE ALL CAPS. I think it ADDS A LOT to the discussion. I might USE it MYSELF in the future. Have a GREAT WEEKEND.
  • Kars I think it depends somewhat on the car you buy. For a Mustang GT I would want the real ones, for a Toyota Corolla it wouldn't matter.
  • Bkojote Yes. Two things. First off, Elon, like Trump, is kinda stupid. Like Kanye West or Candace Owens or Ben Shapiro, he's got like an 8th grade education and sits right on that first dunning-kruger hump. But the thing about *kinda* stupid is he *kinda* realizes the only way anyone will subscribe to his personality is by being a contrarian. The other is by buying in to the scam the other is running. Tesla's a two product company with aging product lines and false launches. But while Elon's kinda stupid, he's not fully stupid, and he knows enough to continue with the scam - large scale support for the EV industry only serves to depress Tesla's product value, so if it can win favor against the odds of say, Rivian or Lucid, he can continue to pay himself a few dozen-billion dollar bonuses till he sells it off or shuts it down.
  • ToolGuy Perhaps a Chinese company will purchase Volvo.