What's Wrong With This Picture: Professional Driver, Slow Motion Edition

Strangely, this disclaimer isn’t even the funniest thing about the fresh-to-Youtube E-Class Cabriolet ad [available after the jump]. That prize goes to the way the otherwise undeniably handsome E-Cab looks with its “Aircap” system deployed. No wonder this previous ad stuck to long shots, and made light of the option’s contradictory and dispensable nature. Sure, folks in cold climates deserve convertibles too, but this Aircap thing just reminds me of cafe seating on Sunset Boulevard with heat lamps blaring on a 65-degree day. Silly wealthy folk… buy the coupe if you don’t like drafts.

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  • Cprescott Yawn. The dinoaur death rattle.
  • Cprescott I'm sorry. There should be zero subsidies for whatever vehicle you want to buy. The automakers are lucky that even this stupid law exists.
  • Cprescott Just what we needed - another one in that segment.
  • MaintenanceCosts They're probably paid a bit more than they're worth, because relationships among boards are a bit incestuous, and the CEO always gets the benefit of the doubt among buddies. But there's no question they can add enough value to justify very high pay.The real problem is that they're not taxed enough. A mere high wage earner can have an effective federal tax rate of over 30% under some circumstances. These guys usually pay more like 10% to 15%, because they are able to structure their finances so that much income is deferred and much of the rest is capital gains. The rules around timing should be stricter, the capital gains rate higher, and they should pay the same effective tax rates as their second- and third-level reports.
  • Cprescott No. Whatever the company wants to pay for Executive help is up to them and their stockholders. Since they are the only ones who live this job 24/7/365, they should be well compensated. I've been a GM for decades and that is my responsibility for the same period; I cannot imagine trying to run an entire company with all of the potential snafus that arise.