QOTD: How Can We Stop Dealer Markup?

Every day I see more dealer markup stories. For example, yet another Nissan Z markup story crossed our internal news wire desk this morning.

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  • Dave Holzman My '08 Civic with 5 on the floor, and Michelin Pilot Ultra Sports, or whatever they're called, which noticeably add to the already good handling. But what makes this car the right car for the trip is the back roads between suburban Boston and Niskayuna NY--outside of Albany. Rt. 2, from the Connecticut River to Troy, NY (just short of Niskayuna) goes from being a gently winding two lane road to climbing the Berkshires, where the Civic excels with its tight handling, and relatively high power to weight ratio as it tips the scale at slightly more than 2,600 lbs. (For reasons I haven't yet figured out, the climb is even more fun going west to east.) Going east to west, once down from the Berkshires 2 does a lot of gentle winding on the way to Troy. There are other, more interesting backroads to get from Williamstown to Albany... and there are a lot of fun backroads between the Connecticut River and Rt. 7.
  • Kukala J. Machus Just give me a cd player!
  • Inside Looking Out Ford is okay and easy to use. For me the worst were Mazda and Lexus. Difficult to use and distracting. This will make me think twice about buying Mazda.
  • Lynchenstein Ford must believe that the first automaker to achieve negative fuel economy will win a great big prize.
  • Lou_BC Will you take a pea shooter on trade?