Junkyard Find: 1976 Fiat 124 Sport Spider

So many Fiat 124 Sport Spiders get junked, and the process has been going on for my entire junkyard-prowling career. In the three years of this series, we’ve seen this ’71, this ’73, this ’75, this ’78, and this ’80, and we might as well add the 124’s little brother, this ’71 850 Sport Spider. I don’t even photograph every 124 Sport Spider I see, because they’re almost as common in wrecking yards as ’85 Camrys. Today’s ’76, however, holds the Junkyard Find record for Scariest California Beach Neighborhood Rust.

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  • Verbal Bring back the brick Cherokee.
  • G I predict the Lyric will be unpredented EV success surpassing the likes of @Tesla and @Ford Mustang Mach E.
  • Jcw65695474 The best tire I have owned in all my years of driving comes standard on the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, its Firestone destination A/T , I have had 3 New Cherokees 2014, 1017, 2020 I live in NL with lots of snow Neither vehicle ever had a single tire removed, except to rotate faithfully, when they were traded all tires looked brand new, (with 40 + thousand KM )
  • Kwik_Shift Tesla in only deemed successful because EVs are their bread and butter. If/when it completely fails, it would be game over unless they remuster quickly into something else. Ford's mainstay is ICE.
  • Olddavid I will immediately brand myself as geriatric by saying to buy an upper tier Lincoln without a V8 engine is either the height of stupidity or the apex of salesmanship. I wouldn't have an F1 engine in it as it has not my requisite of cylindrage. 77 quarters as a Ford employee should have imprinted, but evidently did not. Too bad, as I sure approve of the styling.